Ephemeral -Fantasy on Dark- Shiba Walkthrough

Around here, curiosity will get you killed. Just don't go near that forest, alright?

This is a spoiler-free guide to all four endings in Shiba’s route. Following this will get you all CGs for his character. The game plays out in episodes, with ten episodes being in both the Romance and Lovers parts, and each episode only has one choice. If this is your first play through, simply select Shiba at the end of the Prologue. Otherwise, you can either play through the prologue again and select him, or go to Story and select his character from there.

Shiba episode 1 chapter cover

Shiba Happy Endings

Romance Part

  1. Shiba… you really are a nice person.
  2. Pet its head
  3. I wanted to see you.
  4. I want a cake rather than power.
  5. What do you mean?
  6. You took my first kiss.
  7. Keep petting him
  8. I won’t.
  9. Please don’t hate me in the future.
  10. Go to the forest

Lovers Part

  1. You want to play cards?
  2. I won’t ask.
  3. Run away
  4. Tell her the truth.
  5. My chest
  6. He can’t swim?
  7. Tell him about the dream
  8. What does it do?
  9. I’m sorry, I can’t.
  10. I close my eyes.

Shiba Bad Endings

Go to Story > Shiba > Romance Part > Episode 1

Romance Part

  1. You think I’m pretty?
  2. Pet its back
  3. I thought you might be lonely.
  4. I do want power.
  5. I don’t have anyone I love.
  6. I’ll forgive you.
  7. Stop petting him
  8. I will
  9. Don’t you want me to stay this way?
  10. Don’t go to the first

Lovers Part

  1. Then shouldn’t we study?
  2. I will ask.
  3. Stay quiet and hope they ignore us.
  4. Cover up.
  5. My back
  6. He’s scared of water?
  7. Tell him it’s okay
  8. No.
  9. I don’t care.
  10. I hold him back.

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