Ephemeral -Fantasy on Dark- Nagi Walkthrough

Never in my life have I seen a girl as beautiful as you.

This is a spoiler-free guide to all four endings in Nagi’s route. Following this will get you all CGs for his character. The game plays out in episodes, with ten episodes being in both the Romance and Lovers parts, and each episode only has one choice. If this is your first playthrough, simply select Nagi at the end of the Prologue. Otherwise, you can either play through the prologue again and select him, or go to Story and select his character from there.

Nagi episode 1 chapter image

Nagi Happy Endings

Romance Part

  1. Is that where you are, Nagi?
  2. I’m interested in humans.
  3. Touch Nagi’s head.
  4. (Nagi……!)
  5. Of course it is.
  6. Embrace him.
  7. I’m not.
  8. I can’t be with you, Ray.
  9. Of course
  10. I would never do that

Lovers Part

  1. Let’s hide in different places
  2. Grab his hand.
  3. Just start with something
  4. Is it because of the drink?
  5. Wake Nagi up myself
  6. I believe in you, Nagi.
  7. Deny it.
  8. That will make me sad.
  9. No
  10. I love Nagi most

Nagi Bad Endings

Go to Story > Nagi > Romance Part > Episode 1

Romance Part

  1. Woah, a ghost?!
  2. I wanted to be with Nagi.
  3. Touch Nagi’s cheek.
  4. (Erica……!)
  5. Maybe not
  6. Stroke hsi head
  7. Yes, I am.
  8. I wouldn’t mind being with you, Ray.
  9. I’m not so sure……
  10. Grandma, you’re so cruel.

Lovers Part

  1. Let’s hide together
  2. Slide  my arm through his.
  3. Drive into bed
  4. Is he entering his belated rebellious phase!?
  5. Ask Shiba to wake him up
  6. I’m worried about you, Nagi.
  7. Admit it.
  8. I want you the way you are
  9. Alright
  10. I love Hannah most

Ephemeral -Fantasy on Dark- Walkthroughs:

The walkthroughs are as spoiler-free as possible, listed in the recommended order, and following them will lead to 100% completion of the game.

  1. Natsume’s Route
  2. Shiba’s Route
  3. Ray’s Route
  4. Nagi’s Route (You are here!)

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