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We are loud and proud and LGBTQ+ friendly!

Founded in May 2015 by Katy Castillo and volunteer-run by a group of folks around the world, Yatta-Tachi is a multi-faceted content creating site that focuses on Japanese pop culture.

Our Content represents a diversity of views on Japan and its pop culture such as (but not limited to): anime, manga, lifestyle, conventions, events, etc. Our content is easy to digest, staying away from technical jargon that would shy away new readers wanting to learn more about Japan, while not boring seasoned readers. We strive to support writers who need that little breakthrough to get their name out there.

Our Tone is friendly, informative, upbeat, pun-y, optimistic, open-minded, accessible, LGBTQ+ friendly 🏳️‍🌈, and professional. Our articles are written to be insightful, but not a snore-fest. We approach all our topics as fans, not critics. We all learn through each other’s articles and celebrate each other’s success.

Our Purpose is to promote Japanese pop culture through articles written by fans for fans and to have fun working with other people around the world who share the same views and excitement.

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