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A Little Bit About Us

Our Content represents a diversity of views on Japan and its culture such as (but not limited to): anime, manga, lifestyle, conventions, events, etc. Our content is easy to digest, staying away from technical jargon that would shy away new readers wanting to learn more about Japan, while not boring seasoned readers. We strive to support writers who need that little break through to get their name out there.

Our Tone is friendly, informative, upbeat, pun-y, optimistic, open-minded, and professional. Our articles are written to be insightful, but not a snore fest. We approach all our topics as fans, not critics. We all learn from each other’s articles and celebrate each other’s success.

Our Purpose is to promote Japanese culture through articles written by fans for fans and to have fun working with other people around the world who share the same views and excitement.

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Our Team

Check out the Yatta-Tachi staff and see who is involved in this fantastic team!


Katy Castillo (Harley Gin)

Yatta-Tachi Katy Castillo Harley Gin
Owner & Editor-in-Chief of Yatta-Tachi! Some call me a Supreme Leader and others just call me HG (Not to be mistaken for the awesome HARD GAY). You can find me traversing across the internet discussing anime, UX/Visual Design, and food on Twitter. Don’t be a stranger and feel free to chat with me on my social profiles!
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Instagram |  Twitter |  Personal Website

Associate Editor/Web Developer

Chris Brailsford (cbrails)


While I mostly help build and maintain the Yatta-Tachi website, I also contribute to editing duties and occasionally write an article or two. I’m a self-proclaimed geek in many different ways, and am happy I can bring that devotion to this website!
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Amanda Nicole Russell (nicole)

Nicole Russell Avatar

Coming Soon.

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Jordan Black

Jordan Black
Developer, game designer, Middle Ages history and architecture enthusiast, and PC-gamer. I help edit on occasion because I like the English language.

Assistant Editor

Joe Leyva (Mr. Moth)

Joe Leyva

I like turtles.

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Senior Columnist

Astra Wijaya (Detrop)

Yatta-Tachi Detrop

I am a Chocobo mug who loves puns and is driven by the thirst for nostalgia. You will usually find me writing about days past like an old person. Other than that, I usually gawk at different visual arts or exercising my fingers on games. Or napping in the kitchen cabinet.


Bryce Morgan

Bryce's Avatar

Friendly neighborhood gamer and anime boy.

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Blade-Licking Thieves Podcast Host

Grant Jones (grantthethief)

Grant's Avatar

Grant was born beneath the Death Omen Star and was the sole inheritor of a 2,000-year-old pun art. Now he wanders the wastelands of anime and Toku fandom displaying the invincibility of his bad joke technique.

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Intermediate Contributors

Ashley Contreras (Laurelin)

Ashley Contreras's Avatar
I have watched anime for as long as I can remember and remained a staunch otaku to this very day. I love science fiction and am an avid fan of J. R. R. Tolkien and Jim Butcher. I also love to write, so having the opportunity to combine my two loves is awesome~!


Tony Yao

Tony Yao's Avatar

A NYC-born Chinese-American who wonders why everyone loves his country’s cartoons. Believes that he was a Japanese girl in a past life because he prefers husbandos over waifus. You can read his ramblings about psychological aspects in manga at http://www.mangatherapy.com.

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Matthew Li

Matthew Li

Traveling around the world to be endlessly confused, but mostly just in Japan.

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Bill Curtis (AnimeLiteweight)

Bill Curtis (Intermediate Contributor)

Manga nerd, music teacher. In a punk band, probably also in a bar somewhere. Read my blog at theanimeliteweight.wordpress.com.

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Shaddai Berron



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