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Founded in May 2015 & run by Katy Castillo, Editor-in-Chief/Owner of Yatta-Tachi. We create Japanese Pop Culture related content, such as resources, reviews, guides, & editorials. We focus on various subjects, including anime, manga, video games, movies, and events.

Our Content represents a diversity of views on Japan and its pop culture such as (but not limited to): anime, manga, lifestyle, conventions, events, etc. Our content is easy to digest, staying away from technical jargon that would shy away new readers wanting to learn more about Japan, while not boring seasoned readers. We strive to support writers who need that little breakthrough to get their name out there.

Our Tone is friendly, informative, upbeat, pun-y, optimistic, open-minded, accessible, LGBTQIA+ friendly 🏳️‍🌈, and professional. Our articles are written to be insightful, but not a snore-fest. We approach all our topics as fans, not critics. We all learn through each other’s articles and celebrate each other’s success.

Our Purpose is to promote Japanese pop culture through various forms of mediums and to have fun working with other people around the world who share the same views and excitement.

Meet Hachi! (They/She)

Hachi tilting their head winking and sticking their tongue out!

Say hello to Hachi, Yatta-Tachi lovable fox mascot! They made their full debut March 2023 to mark our upcoming 8 year anniversary. Named after the Japanese word for 8, Hachi is also named after a character in Nana, who is also nicknamed Hachi after the faithful, famous dog of Shibuya, Hachiko.

Industry Testimonials:

“Yatta-Tachi’s reviews, impressions, and resources are second to none, and I always bookmark their seasonal anime posts so I know where to watch the latest shows! EIC Katy is dedicated to providing top-notch Japanese pop culture content that is both inclusive and accessible, and the care she and her team put into the site makes it a wonderful experience from start to finish.” – Anne Lee (JP Translator, Chic-Pixel / Bylines: ANN & Waypoint)

“Yatta Tachi has been extremely useful for the content they provide. In a world where so many people get their info from social media and the like, this is one website I regularly frequent :)” – Tristan “Arkada” Gallant (Glass Reflection)

“Even when larger news sites wouldn’t cover us, Yatta-Tachi always made sure to reach out in regards to release dates and giveaways (which were very successful). We appreciate the love and support from day 1!” – Matt Haasch (StarFruit Books)

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