Toyota Commercial With Chocobo’s Theme Song? I am sold!

When a car commercial meets Final Fantasy's most iconic method of transportation


You all know me as the lovable(?) Chocobo mug and I love Chocobos in Final Fantasy. Do you know who else likes the feathered carrier? Toyota! One of the world’s most reliable car makers recently created a commercial for its Aqua line of cars. Toyota is trying to brand Aqua, known in the US as Prius c, as a playful and adventurous series of cars. Check out the commercial below, when the camera zooms out it almost looks like a world map from a recent Final Fantasy game. Just picture yourself riding a Chocobo and traversing through the rugged terrain on an adventure!

We know that the car is definitely not fueled by Gysahl Greens nor is it going to be fluffy and feathery but I do admit that that yellow hue looks pretty good. Or maybe I am just biased? Now… I wonder if they are going to do some Moogle version of the commercial. Naaah, maybe not.
Photo Credit: Square-Enix via Creative Uncut
Source: RocketNews24

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