Things We Saw Around The Web #30: Ace/Aro Representation in Anime/Manga, Oshi no Ko, Manga License announcements

Topics mentioned: Ace/Aro Representation in Anime/Manga, Movies Coming To US Theaters in April, Oshi no Ko, Manga License announcements, and more!

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🌟 In Case You Missed It:

April 2023 Manga / Light Novel / Book Releases

The April 2023 manga, light novels, & book releases from 10+ publishers, such as Yen Press, Seven Seas, VIZ Media, Kodansha, Azuki, & Irodori Comics!

No Longer Heroine Volume 1 Manga Review (Minor Spoilers)

Momoko Koda’s second published series, No Longer Heroine, is an absolute riot that any shojo fan will be able to relate to.

🍿 Movies Coming to United States Theaters in April

🗞️ Industry News:

  • Crunchyroll Adds Music Videos, Full-Length Concerts in Partnership with Sony Music – Crunchyroll announced on Saturday during the red carpet for the Crunchyroll Anime Music Awards that it has added music streaming to its paid subscription service in the form of short-form music videos and full-length concerts.
  • Crunchyroll to Merge VRV Streaming Service – VRV has announced that its streaming service will be officially sunsetted and merged with the Crunchyroll anime streaming service. Any active VRV subscriptions will be transitioned to a Crunchyroll subscription, with future billing going through Crunchyroll’s system going forward. The date of the merger has yet to be determined.
  • VTuber Amatsuka Uto Announces Indefinite Hiatus – Independent VTuber Amatsuka Uto announced April 6 that she will be suspending her streaming and social media activities as of April 30.

Manga/Manhwa/Light Novel News:

  • J-Novel Club Acquires Safe & Sound in the Arms of an Elite Knight Light Novel Series
  • Ize Press Licenses Unholy Blood, Your Letter, & More Manhwa at Sakura-Con
    • Unholy Blood
    • Your Letter
    • Overgeared
    • Jungle Juice
    • See You in My 19th Life
  • At Sakura-con 2023, Yen Press announced they licensed:
    • Manga
      • Bocchi the Rock!
      • The Deer King
      • Glitch
      • One More Step, Come Stand by My Side
      • The Ephemeral Scenes of Setsuna’s Journey
      • When I Became a Commoner, They Broke Off Our Engagement!
      • Maiden of the Needle
      • The Shiunji Family Children
      • Monthly in the Garden with My Landlord
      • The Red Thread
      • Sasaki and Miyano Official Comic Anthology
      • CLAMP Premium Collection Tokyo Babylon
      • Minato’s Laundromat
      • Honey Trap Shared House
      • Cheerful Amnesia
      • Stray Cat & Wolf
    • Novels
      • The Deer King (novel)
      • I May Be a Guild Receptionist, But I’ll Solo Any Boss to Clock Out on Time
      • Days with My Stepsister
      • The Lawyer in Shizuku-ishi Sleeps with a Wolf
      • Only I Know the Ghoul Saved the World
    • Artbooks
      • AidaIro Illustrations: Toilet-bound Hanako-kun Artbook 2
      • Yana Toboso Artworks Black Butler 3

In Memorium:

✍️ Articles:

How a Major Toy Company Kept 4chan OnlineDocuments obtained by WIRED confirm that Good Smile, which licenses toy production for Disney, was an investor in the controversial image board.

2023 Upcoming Japanese Fiction Releases

Nasu: A Migratory Bird with Suitcase Review — EGGPLANTS THAT FLY

Throwbacks to Bring Back: Old Games I’d Love to See Get a Re-Release – “While reminiscing about the good old days I realized that a lot of great games are tethered to outdated consoles and thus inaccessible to new players… and if you ask me that’s a TRAGEDY!”

📹 Videos:

Off the Menu’s How Fast Food Took Over Tokyo

Also known as RCAnime, Matthew started a new channel focusing on food! “Fast food is everywhere. But I think Tokyo might have the best infrastructure for fast food in the world. From Yoshinoya to Saizeriya to McDonald’s, let me eat a lot of fast food around Tokyo and explain why they’re perfecting the craft of fast food.

LACKADAISY, based on a comic series by Tracy J. Butler, was directed by Fable Siegel, produced by Iron Circus Animation, and made by a crew of more than 160 skilled artists across the world. The project was funded by Kickstarter backers, aided by Patreon supporters, and fueled by fan viewership and enthusiasm during the course of its production. Thank you so much for watching, and for your support!

YOASOBI Idol Official Music Video (Oshi no Ko Opening)

Oshi no Ko is available to watch on HIDIVE.

Keina Suda – Mellow Music Video (Skip and Loafer’s Opening Song)

Skip and Loafer is available to watch on Crunchyroll.

🎙️ Podcasts We Love:

Chatty AF 181: Ace/Aro Representation in Anime and Manga – Part 1

Dee, Alex, and Cy discuss asexual and aromantic coded characters and several new manga with explicit ace and/or aro leads.

Shojo & Tell: Clamp School Detectives (with Asher Sofman)

A discussion about all three volumes of CLAMP SCHOOL DETECTIVES by CLAMP.

🎥 Trailers:

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon: COSMOS movie trailer

🎮 Wholesome Game Recs

Sushi Ben

Sushi Ben is a VR slice-of-life adventure about saving a restaurant from going out of business. “…beautiful 3D manga panels and an anime-inspired art style. Experience a variety of VR activities as you fend off the greedy landlords who are trying to shut down the restaurant.”

Wholesome Direct 2023

Wholesome direct's banner showing various different game characters

If you like Wholesome games, then you’re in luck! Wholesome Direct is returning in June 2023! There is a sign-up form available on their site so you can more information.

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Lucky Star girls cheering in a well done! manner!

Kirra debuted as a nigen animation on Spy Classroom Episode 12

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