The Catcher in the Ryo | Week 19 | Terrace House: English Couch

The ball is in the court of both Peppe and Ryo...

Week 19 of Terrace House: Tokyo 2019 – 2020 gets hot and heavy as Ryo starts the process of cleaning up everyone’s act, as well as the entire house. He and Emika go on a baseball date that gets glossed over while Peppe and Haruka try their best at catching Pokémon, and each others hearts…

Welcome to Terrace House: English Couch. This “podcast” is more of a commentary to be watched over the episodes of the new series “Terrace House: Tokyo 2019 – 2020.” Like the Japanese commentary option on Netflix, we’re providing you an English version made by fans of the series, living in Tokyo, Japan.

Hosts: DoctorDazza and Kirra “AniTess”

Theme Song: Graves by CHVRCHES (Theme of Terrace House: Tokyo 2019 – 2020)

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Podcast Episode Breakdown:

  • 00:00:00 – Start
  • 00:00:12 – Theme Music, Recap and Pre-Episode Thoughts
  • 00:06:28 – Episode Commentary
  • 00:45:03 – Post-Episode Discussion

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