Blade Licking Thieves Podcast – Tokyo Godfathers

Three outsiders on the outskirts of society and a few Christmas miracles.

Grant, Heat, and Zen ring in the New Year with a review of Satoshi Kon’s somewhat overlooked Christmas film, Tokyo Godfathers (2003): an animated comedy about three homeless people on a quest to reunite an abandoned baby with its parents that, through a series of wildly improbable, yet seasonally appropriate, coincidences and several generous sprinklings of movie magic, carries with it the promise of salvation for all.

Tokyo Godfathers is available to watch on Sony’s Crackle & will be in U.S. theaters March 9th & 11th thanks to GKids.

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Topics Discussed: Tokyo Godfathers

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Podcast Episode Breakdown:

  • 00:41:05 – Review
  • 01:50:02 – Twitter Questions

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