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Three mafia families are fighting for control of Burlone, and you’re thrown right in the middle of it.

GAME CONTENT WARNING: This game contains graphic and mature content that may not be suitable for all players. Blood, violence, and drug use are heavy throughout the playthrough, and some routes contain scenes of sexual assault. Please read our elaborated list of possible triggers we have enclosed in this article (the list will contain some spoilers).

This is the cover of Piofiore: Fated Memories depicting Dante, Gil, Yang, Orlok, Nicola, and a masked person.

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Piofiore: Fated Memories Story

In 1925, Burlone, Italy finds itself in the midst of a turf war between three mafia families.

The Falzone are the oldest, having been around since the town was born. They were once the only family in Burlone, but their strict adherence to tradition and requirement that only blood-relations can be in the top brass caused a rift which led to members leaving and creating the Visconti family. While they no longer control the entire town, the Falzone’s hold the district of Falce, the largest in Burlone.

Like the Falzone, the Visconti are devout churchgoers. Located in the district of Creta, the Visconti value skills over blood, allowing anyone who proves themself to rise through the ranks. They are deeply loyal to their boss and are loved and respected by many people in Creta for their generosity and helpfulness.

Veleno is the roughest district to be in. With the crime rate being the highest here than any other district and drugs running rampant, the Lao-Shu are feared by everyone. As a branch family of the Lui Huang Hui, a large mafia located in China, the Lao-Shu have access to a vast network of black-market dealings.

Orphaned at a young age, Liliana Adornato has grown up in the church. Despite being surrounded by three mafia families, Arca, where the church is located, is considered neutral territory. So while Lili has encountered members of the mafia many times, there has never been any issues. Until now.

With events spiraling out of her control, Liliana is pulled into the dark world of organized crime. Each of these three families want something from her, and she’ll have to navigate through dangerous situations to live long enough to discover what that something is.

Piofiore: Fated Memories Characters

Nicola Francesca

Nicola holds a coffee cup and looks over to his side with other people around him.

As Dante Falzone’s cousin, Nicola holds a powerful position in the Falzone family. Raised together, Nicola is like Dante’s older brother and he is very protective and loyal to him. Known as a flirt, Nicola is the lady killer of the group. (Sometimes literally.) With an almost permanent smile on his face, Nicola is hard to read. But once you get through that wall he’s put up, Nicola is very kind and compassionate.

Dante Falzone

Dante holds flowers and his hat to his chest while praying at a grave.

After his father’s sudden death, Dante became the head of the Falzone family at a young age. While he’s inexperienced and struggles with teaching himself how to run his mafia successfully, it’s obvious to all how devoted he is to every member in his group. This leads to a strong sense of loyalty and respect from everyone around him. While he tries to maintain a tough guy facade, Dante is very sweet and protective.

Gilbert Redford

Gilbert walks through town with Oliver behind him who is adjusting his glasses.

Gilbert, or Gil as he likes to be called, became the newest leader of the Visconti family after rising through the ranks due to his skill and charisma. He is very loyal to his family, the town, and the church. Thanks to his entrepreneurship, the Visconti isn’t wanting for money, and he is known to help the people in Creta by offering them odd jobs and paying them graciously. Gil has a strong sense of justice, and he doesn’t take anything lying down. He’s a sympathetic leader who loves a good laugh.


Yang grips Lili and forces a kiss on her while both their eyes are open.

There is no one more dangerous in all of Burlone than the leader of the Lao-Shu. Yang is hard to read and harder to make happy. He craves excitement in any form he can get it, and if you lead to his boredom, your life is forfeit. He does not think twice about pulling out his weapon and killing, and he thinks even less about the people around him. Yang is very possessive, and being close to him means walking along the knife’s edge.


Orlok is leaving the church and Lili has accidently run into him. His arm is around her to catch her from tripping.

Orlok is a young boy surrounded by mysteries. He has dealings with all three families due to his work as an informant, and his fighting techniques can best anyone he finds himself up against. Though he is a man of few words, he makes it clear that his number one priority is Liliana’s safety. Orlok is highly devoted to his cause but has a very touching soft side.

Piofiore: Fated Memories Gameplay

Those familiar with visual novels will have no difficulty traversing Piofiore: Fated Memories. Following the typical formula, the game starts with a prologue containing multiple choices. Depending on your choices, you will be led into a specific Love Interest’s route. There will be more choices throughout the playthrough that will lead to the Best End, the Good End, the Tragic End, or one of multiple general Bad Ends. Piofiore also has a Dictionary to fill up, over 100 CGs to unlock, and quite a few short stories that become available throughout the playthrough.

Unlike some, Piofiore doesn’t work off a flowchart system. Instead, there is a menu where players can select specific chapters to start at. Once a chapter is selected, the game provides options for the Love Interest’s Affinity level and their secondary trait’s level. This is very helpful for accessing the multiple different endings for each character to obtain all Dictionary words and CGs.

Once the Prologue has been completed, players can check which route they’re on as well as how their choices are affecting the story on the Status page. When the ‘correct’ choices are made, the flowers on the left side of the Status image will start to obtain color. While they start out as a simple sketch, by the end they will be vibrantly colored in. On the other hand, if players make ‘wrong’ choices, the flowers will lose their color and splotches will appear until the picture looks like a black-and-white murder scene.

Nicola Francesca's status page with a lightly colored in flower.
This show’s Nicola’s status page after a few good choices have been made.

Lastly–and just like other VNs–specific routes are locked until certain conditions have been met. While usually, it’s only the final route that’s locked until all four others have been completed, Piofiore is a tad different. Players can only access Nicola or Dante for their first playthrough. Once either of those has been completed, Yang and Orlok’s routes open up. After players have completed all four of these routes, Gilbert’s route becomes available. And once players have conquered Gil’s as well, the final route, Finale, unlocks. In my opinion, the best order to play these in is: Nicola Francesca, Yang, Orlok, Dante Falzone, Gilbert Redford, and then Finale.

Piofiore: Fated Memories Route Walkthrough Guides

Clicking on a name will lead you to a full walkthrough for that route. The walkthroughs are as spoiler-free as possible, and following them will lead to 100% completion of the game.

  1. Nicola Francesca’s Route
  2. Yang’s Route
  3. Orlok’s Route
  4. Dante Falzone’s Route
  5. Gilbert Redford’s Route
  6. Finale’s Route
Nicola, Gil, Dante, Yang, and Orlok smiling at the screen.
Happy playing!

Piofiore: Fated Memories is available physically and digitally for the Nintendo Switch.

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