Piofiore: Fated Memories – Orlok Route Walkthrough (Spoiler‑Free)

"No, Liliana Adornato... I have come for you, no doubt." - Orlok

GAME CONTENT WARNING: This game contains graphic and mature content that may not be suitable for all players. Blood, violence, and drug use are heavy throughout the playthrough, and some routes contain scenes of sexual assault. Please read our elaborated list of possible triggers we have enclosed in this article (the list will contain some spoilers).

Things To Keep In Mind

  • This is a guide to all three endings, general bad endings, and is as spoiler-free as possible. Following all of these character guides–as well as completing the side stories when they unlock–should get you every CG and dictionary term. These guides are still in the process of being made, so please check back for any updates!
  • Throughout the gameplay, Meanwhile Stories will become available. There will be an indicator in the top left corner of the screen when one has been unlocked. Required ones will play automatically, but optional ones will have to be manually selected. You should ALWAYS play these.

Recommended Playthrough Order

  1. Nicola Francesca
  2. Yang
  3. Orlok (You are here!)
  4. Dante Falzone
  5. Gilberd Redford

Orlok’s Best Ending

  1. Good morning.
  2. Everyone is blessed.
  3. I think they had a reason to leave.
  4. (Politely decline.)
  5. (Give thanks for the day.)
  6. You’re right, he is a nice person.
  7. … Praying earnestly.
  8. I’m with you.
  9. (Talk to him)
  10. Do you like sweets?
  11. (Speak to him.)
  12. I don’t trust you.
  13. Thank goodness…
  14. (Stare at Orlok.)
  15. Orlok isn’t a bad person.
  16. You looked like you were having fun.
  17. Is it still dangerous?
  18. I want one, too.
  19. Stop it!
    (Save the Game 1)
  20. (Talk to Orlok.)
  21. Next time, just run.
  22. I can’t deceive the people.
    (Save the Game 2)
  23. (Be compliant.)
    (Save the Game 3)
  24. I don’t want to be used.
  25. (Ask him a question.)
  26. They look lovely!
  27. Don’t worry about me.
  28. You’re only apologizing to me?
  29. You deserve better.
    (Save the Game 4)
  30. I’m afraid of dying.
    (Save the Game 5)
  31. No.
  32. Your hands are clean.
  33. Are you blushing?
    (Save the Game 6)
  34. I’ll be with you forever
    (Best End)

Orlok’s Good Ending

Load Chapter 7

Affinity: High
Tolerance: Low

  1. Do you have a fever?
    (Good End)

Orlok’s Tragic Ending

Load Chapter 7

Affinity: Low
Tolerance: Low

  1. I’ll listen to what he has to say.
    (Tragic End)

Orlok’s Bad Ending 1

Load Save 1

  1. (Talk to Yang.)
    (Bad End)

Orlok’s Bad Ending 2

Load Save 2

  1. (Run!)
    (Bad End)

Orlok’s Bad Ending 3

Load Save 3

  1. (Obey Yang.)
    (Bad End)

Orlok’s Bad Ending 4

Load Save 4

  1. (If it were someone precious to me.)
    (Bad End)

Orlok’s Bad Ending 5

Load Save 5

  1. Yes.
    (Bad End)

Orlok’s Bad Ending 6

Load Save 6

  1. I need more time.
    (Bad End)

Piofiore: Fated Memories Route Walkthrough Guides

The walkthroughs are as spoiler-free as possible, listed in the recommended order, and following them will lead to 100% completion of the game.

  1. Nicola Francesca’s Route
  2. Yang’s Route
  3. Orlok’s Route (You are here!)
  4. Dante Falzone’s Route
  5. Gilbert Redford’s Route
  6. Piofiore: Fated Memories Finale’s Route

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