Blade Licking Thieves Podcast – Dragon Ball Super: Broly

By Grant

The only podcast unable to break even a single scouter.

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Grant, Heat, and Zen return for the ultimate test of strength – the new Broly movie! Listen in to find out their background with the franchise, their unique theater experience, what they would do with a wish from Shenron, and more. Enjoy!



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Topics Discussed: Dragon Ball Super: Broly

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Podcast Episode Breakdown:

  • 00:00:00 Intro
  • 00:35:09 Review
  • 01:42:32 Twitter Questions

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Grant was born beneath the Death Omen Star and was the sole inheritor of a 2,000 year old pun art. Now he wanders the wastelands of anime and toku fandom displaying the invincibility of his bad joke technique.

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  1. Sorta jumbled thoughts:

    -Since you joked about a villain showing up in the wrong order–there is an OVA (“Yo! Son Goku and Friends Return”) that has the premise “a villain shows up too late and is no threat, oops”, which is fun

    -RE Freeza’s English voice–the guy recorded this after having BOTH lungs replaced!

    -Even speaking as a fan of the Japanese audio you’re all fools and I’ve been listening to GO BROLY GO GO for like 48 hours straight

    -Breaking: “Dragon Ball is excruciatingly long”, says One Piece marathon man

    -Broly isn’t a bad boy, he’s sweet! (And yeah, there’s definitely people hot for him. Mostly guys, at least that I’ve seen)

    -The Super manga is really barely a story? It’s barely beyond a summary honestly

    -Toriyama’s mentioned regretting introducing scouters and power levels, so he quickly got rid of them as soon as the freeza arc ended

    -Super manages to solve the Dragon Balls being no longer impressive by introducing…well, you’ll see

    1. Iain, thanks for listening and sending in questions!
      -WHAT?! That’s amazing, I’ll tell Heat.
      -Broly makes fools of us (actually me) all.
      -Well in our defense, we state clearly that the manga is brisk (much like the One Piece manga, I’m not watching the series because… it’s really long).
      -He’s got a ~bit~ of a bad boy angle, what with the rage and the strong/silent disposition, right?
      -Shame, I had hoped to read the manga…
      -God fears what he has created.

  2. Loved this one!
    It took me 3 times to even make it to when you guys head out to watch it because I was laughing so hard at all the talk before. XD

    Loved Grant’s part later as well and in parts it’s true:

    “Part of Dragon Ball fandom is coming to terms with that excruciating length. I don’t think you get to be casual. So I think you read the manga, so you know what happens, and then you watch an episode a day for the rest of your life. (lol)
    If you’re not in this mode where you’re rushing home every day to watch another 30 minutes of people grunt at each other I don’t think you ever gonna get Dragon Ball or appreciate even some of this.”

    DB and DBZ are so different in tone and stakes that I honestly didn’t even get DB at first because it’s not what I started with. I did the come-home-to-watch-30-mins-of-grunting routine until I actually found out about that being a later part of the story and then picked up the manga soon after. I only read the manga after that and only got back into watching with Super (as a series).

    My take on it:
    Toriyama’s drawing style, layout and timing are perfect for action as well as comedy and a majority of the main shots were adapted anyway, so if you can live with just imagining the grunting or can do a little grunting yourself then the manga is the way to go.

    1. Thanks for listening and replying Areeis! Glad we entertained so thoroughly. I agree with your take on Toriyama’s style, and that’s probably why the manga is so successful.