Yatta-Talki Podcast Episode 5 – Artist Vs. Art

By Katy Castillo

Should work be considered “tainted” if an artist is charged with a crime?

Back in January, Mark, Daniel, and Astra discussed how an artist’s actions can affect how you look at their work. Since then, newer developments on Nobuhiro Watsuki’s case have emerged, but the recording contains their initial thoughts.

Content Warning: Our first topic discusses someone who was caught with child pornography. If you’d rather not listen to that, please feel free to skip to the 8:14 mark. Thank you~!

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Opening/Ending Theme: Cute Glitch-Hop by RobertZahn

Guest(s): Astra W. (detrop)

Topics Discussed: Rurouni Kenshin, Log Horizon, Metal Gear

Podcast Episode Breakdown:

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Katy Castillo

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