Yatta-Talki Podcast Episode 2 – Mark’s Trip to Japan Part 1

By Katy Castillo

Mark went to Japan!

Listen along as Mark and Cindy talk about their adventure watching the Gintama live-action movie, navigating through the Eccentric Family stamp rally, and visiting the Kyoto Imperial Palace!

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Opening/Ending Theme: Cute Glitch-Hop by RobertZahn

Guest(s): Cindy Caraturo

Shows Discussed: Gintama & the Eccentric Family

 Podcast Excerpt:

Cindy:Noooooo, they need to guarantee butts in seats!

Podcast Episode Breakdown:

  • 00:50 Gintama Live-Action Movie
  • 05:18 Tonkatsu/Try natto [fermented soybeans]
  • 00:7:00 Typhoon
  • 00:7:50 Eccentric Family 2 Stamp Rally
  • 15:15 Kyoto Zoo
  • 18:30 Kyoto Imperial Palace

Images from Mark’s Trip to Japan:

Links/Articles Discussed in this Yatta-Talki Episode:

Gotokuji: The Temple of Beckoning Cats

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  1. I’m looking back at your older posts and I didn’t realize you had a podcast! Is it on iTunes by any chance? (I tried searching already, but to no avail.)

    1. Hey John! We haven’t currently made the jump onto iTunes yet, but that could be a possibility for us in the future. You can download the podcasts from Soundcloud, but you’ll need an account. Thanks for listening!