Yatta-Talki Podcast Episode 1 – Introduction [ Reflecting on Yatta-Tachi’s Birth ]

By Katy Castillo

In this episode, we discuss the birth of Yatta-Tachi and what started it all...

Today we are introducing our new podcast, Yatta-Talki, which will be a monthly episodic roundtable discussion on various topics, from anime to living life in Japan. In today’s episode, Daniel, Mark, and Katy talk about the origin story of Yatta-Tachi, the downfall of Grooveshark, and thoughts on how the anime/Japanese culture bridged out to other countries…

What did you think of the first episode? Let us know in the comments below! What was the first anime you watched that made you into a full-fledged fan?

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Opening/Ending Theme: Cute Glitch-Hop by RobertZahn

Shows Discussed: Big O, Sailor Moon, DBZ, Cowboy Bebop, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Inuyasha, Wolf’s Rain & More…



Podcast Excerpt:

Katy:I know about Gainax and… uh… uh…what’s his name? Uh… oh dear…It’s not Takahata…

Mark:No, I’m going to make you look that up.


Links/Articles Discussed in this Yatta-Talki Episode:

RIP Grooveshark / End of Yatta?

Ultimate List of Legal Anime Streaming Sites & What Countries They Are Available In


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  1. Great hosts, great name, good talks. kudos!

    First anime that made me a full-fledged fan? Could say DBZ, Cowboy Bebop, Outlaw Star, that stuff, but honestly, the one that really got me into it and searching for more anime was Shugo Chara.

      1. Saw an AMV while youtubing one day and sought it out. Think I caught it on one of those old anime sites that probably weren’t too legal

  2. The show that got me into anime as a hobby was K-On! back in 2012. While I did watch anime all throughout my childhood without knowing what it was (DBZ, Sailor Moon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Pokemon etc.) anime was not really played much where I live. It was only through Facebook many years later, and some questionable sites to view anime, that I found K-On! and other countless shows that got me into anime.

    The cast was pretty good, worth staying up all hours of the morning to check it out haha! Looking forward to the next one lads!

    1. All these years, and I have still not seen K-On!… What was it that drew you in?

      I’m glad you enjoyed the episode, but I hope you weren’t too tired the next day! >_<

      1. Really should if you get the chance, pretty good show to watch if you want some mindless fun.

        Surprisingly I was alright haha, I’ll make sure to listen at a more appropriate time next time though.

    2. Thanks for listening! K-On was one of the shows I watched after getting back in to anime, many moons ago. Since then my tastes have changed, but I still remember that show.

      1. It’s one of those shows that everyone loves, publically or secretly. Everyone I’ve showed it too thinks it was great which I found surprising. Seems to be a good starting point for modern/current anime.

        I missed Mark’s other part to his question, sorry! Being straight up I came for the cute girls, but stayed for the charm of the show. There was something about it that wanted me to keep watching and cheer them on. It was also quite humorous and the music was awesome and addicting.