Things We Saw Around The Web #28: Hamtaro, Unico, The Silent Kingdom, My Dress-Up Darling, & More

Topics mentioned: Hamtaro, My Dress-Up Darling, Unico, Makoto Shinkai, Taisho x Alice, The Silent Kingdom

Things We Saw Around The Web is more than just funny lolz we see while browsing online; it’s a compilation of videos, news, and articles.

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How My Dress-Up Darling Taps Into Cosplay Culture By Being Grounded In Reality

The series takes its cosplay roots straight from ground level to screens around the world.


Live-action SEQUEL Whisper of the Heart teaser

Movie Synopsis: The new film’s story is set 10 years after the original manga’s story. Now 24, Shizuku has given up her dream of being a novelist but works hard every day to sell books as a children’s book editor at a publishing company. Meanwhile, Seiji is still following his dream abroad, even as the distance between him and Shizuku grows ever larger.

Hamtaro Video Games Are Weird | Little Hamsters, Many Adventures

“Back during the Game Boy Color days, Nintendo decided to fund a series of games based on Hamtaro. Across multiple handhelds and genres, this little hamster went on many adventures EXCLUSIVE to Nintendo consoles! Interesting information, for sure, but are the games actually fun?”

Mecha Never Dies – A Bandai Namco Story | Anime Studio Spotlight

Canipa takes a cynical look into the future of mecha anime and the commercial obsessions of the company that produces so much of it.

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Random Bits & Bobs

  • GKIDS to Release 4 Anime Films by Makoto Shinkai on Blu-Ray – Voices of a Distant Star, The Place Promised in Our Early Days, 5 Centimeters Per Second, and Children Who Chase Lost Voices get new Blu-ray Disc releases on June 7.
  • Crunchyroll & Funimation Update –  Crunchyroll announced that Funimation is unifying under the Crunchyroll brand, and as such, so is their YouTube channel.
  • CLAMP Still Plans to Continue xxxHOLiC: Rei Manga – The May issue of Kadokawa’s Da Vinci magazine published an interview with manga creator and artist circle CLAMP on Wednesday, in which CLAMP stated that the group is still planning to continue their xxxHOLiC: Rei manga, which is currently on hiatus.
  • Taisho x Alice on Nintendo Switch – Primula is releasing Taisho x Alice on Nintendo Switch on April 14th. It will include all Steam episodes and the epilogue.
  • MangaGamer 2022 Licencing Survey Results – MangaGamer released the results of their 2022 Licencing Survey. Most of the results were consistent with previous years’ data, and seven of the top 20 requested games were otome.

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