Things We Saw Around The Web #26

Topics mentioned: Violet Evergarden, Kyoto Animation, Otaku Journalist, FREE!, Wish, Laid-Back Camp, and more!

Things We Saw Around The Web is more than just funny lolz we see while browsing online; it’s a compilation of videos, news, and articles written by fans in the Japanese culture community. We would love to bring more focus to small blogs & YouTube channels and their creative works, so if you know a great article/video you would like to see in our next roundup, please leave a link in the comments below.

『 Articles 』

The Love That Binds Us: A Report from the Kyoto Animation Memorial Service

The ceremony of Farewell and Taking over the Will (the Kyoto Animation Memorial) Signage

“It’s never easy saying goodbye, especially to people you admire that were needlessly taken from the world in which they helped make a better place.”

『 Videos 』

Anime Mythbusters #1 | “90% of Anime Are All Made in 3D”

“Canipa explores the myth that 90% of 2D anime uses 3D animation as a basis, and discusses the way that reference material can be used within 2D animation.”

Is Assassins Pride Worth Watching? | Glass Reflection First Reaction

“Is Assassins Pride Worth Watching? Well, his name is Vampir, her name is Angel. It’s a romance so overcooked you could bash someone over the head with it…. and yet…”

Finding a Cosplay under $100 in Tokyo!

“Tokyo Survival Channel challenged me once again, this time to spend a day in cosplay in Tokyo. Whilst I think I’d look great in a school girl costume, I enlisted the help from amateur cosplayer (and fellow Terrace House: English Couch host) to help me out. To be able to spend a day in cosplay, you first need said cosplay!”

『 Podcasts 』

01 – Laid Back Camp| The Comfort Society Podcast

“Our first official episode of the Comfort Society tackles the outdoors with the Winter 2018 anime, Laid-Back Camp. Kitty and Paula also introduce the type of slice-of-life subgenre Iyashikei (癒し系). Media that fall in this subgenre is specifically designed to have a ‘healing’ effect or coziness. Thetextre is very little conflict, plenty of soft and beautiful visuals, soothing music, and often episodic.”

Wish (with Asher Sofman) | Shojo & Tell Podcast

“I can be your angel or your devil. Shojo and Tell host Ashley and journey-through-all-of-CLAMP pal Asher Sofman go on a bizarre adventure with CLAMP’s JOJO’s fanfiction. Topics of discussion include gender pronouns, purity, tests of love, and shipping, where the conclusion is that the most interesting romantic ship is between Shuichiro and his mom, Hotaru, who is a tree fairy. We know this manga about the angel Kohaku was very formative to plenty of people. Please explain to us why?”

『 Random Bits & Bobs 』

FREE! Sequel Film Delayed From Summer 2020

“Earlier today, the official Free! anime website announced that the upcoming “all-new” Free! movie was delayed. Due to “various circumstances,” the film was pushed back from its planned Summer 2020 premiere. A new release date will be announced at a later time, when it has been determined.”

Otaku Journalist is 10 years old!

“Though I’m mostly still quietly withdrawn from blogging in favor of snuggling my newborn daughter, I couldn’t let Otaku Journalist’s first decade pass without a word…”

Violet Evergarden The Movie’s New Release Date Confirmed

“The Kyoto Animation produced film had to be delayed due to the arson attack on the studio”

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