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This weekend's news roundup is filled with music, games, and interesting articles from many places!


I am back with more news and things that you may have missed! As usual we have quite a variety. Also, thanks to our Supreme Leader’s formatting suggestion, you should be able to navigate the post much easily.

Mario and Luigi Japanese screen

Mario and Luigi appeared recently as Japanese gods on a screen painting. I must say it looks stunning and classy.

Patlabor Live-action Movie

Montreal World Film is hosting the fairly recent Patlabor live-action movie from August 27 to September 7. So those of you near the event, check the movie out!

My Love Story!! Live-action Film

Is any one of you thinking of checking out the live-action My Love Story!! (Ore Monogatari!!)? Anime News Network has a couple of trailers for you to check out. I think the film is going to look pretty great.

Isao Takahata’s Only Yesterday

For the fans of Isao Takahata from Studio Ghibli, GKids has confirmed that it will be bringing Only Yesterday (Omohide Poro Poro) to the US in 2016.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Launch Trailer

Here is the latest (and probably last) trailer of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain created and directed by Hideo Kojima. It is full of nostalgia and has a great song that accompanies the reel. I have read some people saying it is as if Kojima is saying good-bye with this trailer.

Uh, Sushi in Kenya?

This is not a news piece but will still make for some giggles. A reporter from RocketNews24 was in Kenya and he went on for a search of the best sushi restaurant in the country. You may guess the results but it is much better to read it.

Steins;Gate on PS3 and PS Vita

Jason Schreier of Kotaku has just endorsed the famous visual novel, Steins;Gate. I know some of you VN veterans could probably lecture us on why Steins;Gate is great. Hey, some folks have to start somewhere, right?

Lupin III TV Anime

Here is a new trailer for the new Lupin III TV anime. I am just drooling over the pretty backgrounds and great animation. The design of the new character, Rebecca Rossellini, reminds me of Nia from Gurren Lagann.

Resident Evil Live Attraction Has Its First Survivors

Did you know that there is a Resident Evil (known as Biohazard in Japan) live survival attraction? It is called Biohazard The Real. It is supposed to be pretty hard. After almost two months since the opening, the attraction finally got its first set of survivors.

Satoshi Kon’s Influence in The Western Film Making

Here is an informative article about how the late Satoshi Kon’s works influenced other film makers in the West. Kon’s departure was untimely but his works are always being examined, studied, and influential. If you had not watched any of his works, you owe it to yourself to experience them.

Kimiuso movie?

Various news sources picked up the domain registration of “” recently. Does this mean there would be a Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso (Your Lie in April) movie coming out soon?

Konami Pulled iOS Games

In the light of the recent hoo-ha with Konami, here comes another surprising move by the company. It has pulled every game from the iOS App Store. Even after it said in a statement long ago that it is focusing on the mobile and gambling machine markets. I wonder if they are doing something to the games.

Japanese Handmade Papers

Above is a calming and informative short film about the traditional art of making Japanese paper. If you have ever seen handmade papers, you may agree that they exudes certain imperfect beauty. One great example of the principle of wabi-sabi.

Do Not Get These Anime Females Angry

The results from the recent Charapedia poll about which female anime characters you should not enrage are out. Did you participate? Can you guess which are the top few?

Metal Gear Solid Cafe?!

Hey, there is a Metal Gear Solid cafe in Paris! As you can expect, the menu is based on names and themes of the new Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain game. I would like to try the Big Boss Burger.

Yoshitaka Amano Exhibition in Kobe

There is currently an exhibition of Yoshitaka Amano’s works in Kobe, Japan. Unfortunately it only lasts until August 30th. Titled, “Yoshitaka Amano: The World Beyond Your Imagination”, the exhibition features about 100 of Amano’s more recent works. Fans of the Final Fantasy series may know him from his character designs and illustrations of the games.

The Japan News Reported on Otakon

The 22nd Otakon was held in Baltimore on July 24 to 26 and a correspondent from The Japan News was able to visit and write a report on the convention. Long story short, he enjoyed his visit and interactions with the convention goers.

An Amazing Collaborative Concept Album

George “Smoke Thief” Baker is a British musician who recently collaborated with Japanese composers to come up with a concept album titled “Heart Beat Circuit“. As of writing this, I am enjoying the first several songs that I am listening to. The ones I have listened to are calming, complex, contemplative, and sometimes, rather moody. You can listen to and/or buy the album on its Bandcamp link.

Do You Ever Wonder What Japanese Schools Are Like?

Tofugu has an interesting insight to what schools in Japan are like. You may have learned about them from games, manga, and anime but there are definitely more things that you may never thought of. Dive in here to learn more!

Do As Infinity Releasing Anime and Game Related Album

This news comes as a pleasant surprise for me, a long-time fan of Do As Infinity. The band, no stranger to anime and game theme songs, is releasing a compilation album in North America and Asia! YAY! To make it easy for you guys, here is the link to the US iTunes page of the said album.

X-Japan Will be Touring Japan After Two Decades

Yes, after the recent years of taking over the world, X-Japan is finally returning to Japan for tours.

To close, here is the English voice dub for Nanako in the upcoming Persona 4: Dancing All Night game.

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