It was long overdue… Yatta-Tachi’s 2023 rebrand!

A long, expected part-I mean rebrand.

Helloooo Friends~!

Something has been long overdue, and I think it’s time…

That we revisit Yatta-Tachi’s branding.

Our little fox logo originated from a napkin sketch that I took a picture of on my phone and just quickly drew in Illustrator back in 2015. I would like to think my skills have improved since then. Throughout the years, I kept fighting with the design because it worked only one way, which really stifled my creativity.

Before the great reveal, I did want to give you a little insight into my process… I also wanted to give it the same consideration that I do for my clients.

And to start off, I had to figure out what was not working with the current branding…

Issues with the current logo

Yatta-Tachi current logo with enlarged version of the fox. Text title: "Issues: Not accessible, especially shrunken down, Too serious, disproportionate, lacks versatility, kind of one note, honestly, hard to work with (especially for merch), Fox? Cat? What is it supposed to be?"

While we love Buff-Tachi (if you’re on Discord, you know), the fox logo in general has many issues and it made it difficult to do much with it in its original form.

Inspiration & Vibes, baby

Various art from Peko-chan to anime screens. Text: "Inspiration: Peko-chan, Vintage Cartoons, Neubrutalism, 1990's and early 2000's. Vibes: cheeky, fun, approachable & versatile."

Fun, creative, and more aligned to our vibes. Paying homage to vintage Japanese candy and Peko-chan (which you’ve likely seen anime characters make her signature expression of winking and sticking their tongue out).

New Yatta-Tachi 2023 Logo:

Thicker Yatta-Tachi text with a green, blue, and purple gradient fox winking and sticking their tongue out.

Meet Hachi (they/she)!

Hachi tilting their head winking and sticking their tongue out!

After I designed Hachi, I literally spent a couple of months trying to decide what their name would be. I wanted something that was kind of gender neutral, but also to be cute to say. I ALMOST settled on Hotaru, but last week, I was organizing my manga collection (as one does) and I picked up the first volume of Nana. Immediately, I just yelled “HACHI!” and that was the start of it. For context, in the series Nana, one Nana calls the other Nana Hachi after the famous Shibuya dog, Hachiko, because of her kindness and loyalty to her loved ones. That name as always stuck with me over the years, but the fact it also means 8 (八) in Japanese was just the icing on the cake. In less than 2 months, we will be celebrating 8 years of running Yatta-Tachi and it only felt right that we celebrated this year with a fresh new branding and a new adorable little mascot.

Logo Breakdown:

Various breakdowns of the logo, including color swatches and before/after shots.

Gradients can be changed around and played up. The logo mark/icon can be used separately or with the word mark as well. Also thickened the original “yatta-tachi” text to be more legible.


Yatta-Tachi's new logo remixed in several ways: Various badges, version with our name in Japanese, and the fox in different stylizations.

This gives us the opportunity to try different things and not be stuck with just one type of branding style.

We got emotes, baby!

 16 different emotes from cutesy to winking to crying with hearts floating around the fox's head!

With the new branding, we have the flexibility to create various emotes and just have fun with them. Here are a few I created. Having various expressions also means it expands our assets when creating merch (*ojou-sama laugh*) and gives the brand a personality. These can be used for Discord, Twitch, and even throughout the site. In fact, if you’re on our Discord server, you can use them right now!

So, what do y’all think?

By the time you see this post, the site and most of our branding across the board should have been changed over! Get in the comments and let us know what you think of the new logo, Hachi, and the stinking cute emotes!

Pink, Blue, and Mint colored shirts with the new Yatta-Tachi branding.

If you are going to be at Anime Boston, you will probably see Chris, Bill, and I sporting brand new staff shirts with the new branding. Feel free to say hi to us! We are always down for meeting y’all!

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