Important Site’s Production & Funding Updates (Article output, Patreon realities, & a little heart-to-heart)

A few important updates regarding the site's article output and the current Patreon situation.

Hello, everyone!

The past two weeks Chris and I had RSV (respiratory syncytial virus) which knocked us out of the ring and we are just now on the mend. Because we have been unavailable, a lot of the stuff we had slated to do has been pushed back. Not gonna lie, I’ve been pretty upset about this, but there wasn’t much that could be done.

There will be an uptick of articles coming out on the horizon.

During March, we will be slowly publishing articles that are not just the monthly releases list or where to watch seasonal anime. As I have mentioned before, I want to start putting out more manga related content, so we will be rolling out manga reviews, resources, and recommendation lists going forward.

On top of that, I will be bringing back our Things We Saw Around the Web articles. I’m going to aim to get them out every two weeks. If you are part of our discord and you see something you want me to include in the roundup, we have a channel you can drop it into and get listed in the thank-you section at the end of the article.

Also, in the coming weeks, we will be opening up the opportunity for folks outside of staff to be able to write for us & are possibly looking for another editor. I really want us to diversify our content more so and to make bigger motions to lift up marginalized voices. This has been something I’ve been wanting to do for a while, but we didn’t have the capacity monetarily to be able to do so.

Which leads me to our next topic unfortunately…

This month we had a large drop in Patreon pledges.

A majority of it is because we lost our highest pledging patron, but we also lost a few more pledges over the course of the last two weeks. I know there are various reasons to discontinue pledging and never want anyone to feel ashamed or upset about it. It’s completely valid and understandable.

We are extremely grateful to all who join our Patreon and help out. Because of everyone’s various levels of help, we were able to not completely shutdown.

While I wish these drop-offs were just a one time thing, it’s all part of the process of running a Patreon. It’s stressful and at times scary to manage by myself, but it has helped us keep the lights on, and I am able to pay folks fairly for their contributions. I’ve been told many times to expect to lose roughly 10% of pledges each month, but losing about 30% in a short period of time is a bit hard to swallow, especially as we are just now making bigger strides to get back on our feet and opening up to bringing in more writers. It’s a rather frustrating, but understandable, situation.

While this drop does ripple into the output of articles we were hoping to publish each month, it just means we will have to spread them out more. I’m hoping that as we produce more content that we might see an uptick on Patreon, but I don’t know if or when that will happen.

My original plan was once we got the rebranding announced and implemented, we would come out at full force and start publishing at least twice to three times a week. But with the financial setback, that might end up being a bit different for now until we secure more funding. For the meantime and to cut down costs, you will probably be seeing a lot more articles coming from me, so more of the funds go towards paying the other writers & editors.

While we do have other plans on how to help financially support Yatta-Tachi, they are not ready to implement, so for the moment, we will be continuing to rely on the support from Patreon and Ko-Fi.

If we have to, Chris and I will dip into our own funds again to try to offset the costs, but I truly hope it doesn’t come down to that.

As always, I wanna thank y’all so much for continuing to help us keep going…

Whether that means financially helping us, sharing our content, joining our Discord community, or telling folks about us. It’s gonna be a long road before we get to the place where we will be okay, but with y’all’s help we are getting there.

If you have been wanting to join our Patreon or make a donation via Ko-Fi, please know we could really use the help right now.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to leave a comment! Thank you, everyone!

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