I Fell for a Fujoshi First Impression Manga Review (Spoiler‑Free)

"There's nothing to be ashamed of. We're only becoming adults." -Ichi

When Ichi starts to notice his childhood best friend and crush, Tae, acting strangely around him, he thinks his shojo dreams are coming true. Convinced she has romantic feelings for him, Ichi goes to confess his own… only to find out she’s in love with BL!  Thanks to a misunderstanding, Tae now assumes Ichi is a fan as well. Will this shojo loving boy get the girl, or will he be relegated to one of Tae’s BL fantasies?

Editor’s note: This first impression is based off the first chapter of “I Fell for a Fujoshi”, which was the only chapter available at the moment. As of now, there is at least 6 chapters available to read on Azuki!

The Good

I Fell for a Fujoshi has all those rom-com and shojo feels wrapped up in an interesting new twist to the genre. Instead of following a female protagonist, the story centers around Ichi, a highschool boy that loves shojo manga. His dream to date his childhood best friend is a common one to the genre, but instead of having to compete with someone else for her affection, he’s up against her love of BL manga. Ichi’s inner dialogue of his confusion, jealousy, and attempts to relate everything back to the manga he’s read are laugh-out-loud funny at times, but it was the unique spin the story gives to the genre while diving into popular tropes that kept me flipping the pages.

The Bad

While a single chapter isn’t enough to judge a series accurately, there are a few things that stuck out as less than ideal. For one, the chapter is shorter than typical manga, making the pacing of the story feel off. World and character building, as well as story setup, feels glossed over to make way for the core idea or point of a scene. The chapter felt similar to four-panel comics instead of a typical manga, which could be a negative or a positive depending on reading preference. The art was also hit-or-miss. While some pages were very nicely done, there was a lack of varied facial expressions, especially from Ichi. If he was a stoic character who hid his emotions well, this would have made sense, but the lack of character building instead makes this come off as bland.

The Verdict

There is enough promise to chapter 1 of I Fell for a Fujoshi to keep me coming back. Rom-coms are, after all, one of my favorite things. My curiosity to know how the story progresses outweighs the poor execution of the chapter. However, due to the shortness of the chapters, I’ll wait to pick it back up until I can binge it.

You can read I Fell for a Fujoshi on Azuki! A new chapter is released every Tuesday!

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Author: Toako
M. Skeels
Letterer: Chana Conley
Proofreader: Jan Mitsuko Cash
Quality Assurance: D.S. Jay
Cover Design: Arbash Mughal
Brand Manager: Evan Minto
Production Manager: Cynthia Kim

A special thank you to Azuki for allowing us the opportunity to review this title. Receiving a review copy of this title has in no way altered the opinions expressed in this article.

The Good

  • Interesting plot and characters
  • Fun twists to tropes

The Bad

  • Character and world building are nonexistent
  • Chapter is shorter than average

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