Cafe Enchante – Misyr Rex Route Walkthrough (Spoiler‑Free)

"I finally found you." - Misyr Rex

Things to keep in mind:

  1. This guide is as spoiler-free as possible.
  2. If you follow all of these guides, you will unlock every CG and find every dictionary term.

Misyr Rex Good End

Misyr Rex Chapter 1

  1. Turn it to ‘OPEN’
  2. Guests, right?
  3. A demon?
  4. A knight?
  5. A fallen angel?
  6. A beast?
  7. I’ll try… for now.
  8. Talk with Il
  9. Talk with Canus
  10. Talk with Ignis.
  11. The goods are cute!
  12. Sit in front of Ignis
  13. a friend…
  14. I understand where you’re coming from.
  15. I had a good teacher.
  16. Next – See how Misyr is doing
  17. The Demon World Asmodia
  18. The Fairy World Medio
  19. The Heavenly World Caelm
  20. The Beast World Bestia
  21. The GPM
  22. Don’t follow Vennia
  23. Take a sip of my drink
  24. I’ll do whatever I can.
  25. Please be careful.
  26. Let’s greet everyone.
  27. I trust in everyone.
  28. I’m worried about Il.
  29. I can’t see it.
  30. Relax while reading a book
  31. Don’t push yourself.
  32. I want to go see what’s happening.
  33. Ask Misyr and Il to help
  34. I’m really scared
  35. Energy
  36. I’ll go…
  37. That’s…
  38. Did you push yourself?
    [Save the Game 1]
  39. I don’t mind it, but…
    [Good End]

Misyr Rex Bad End

Load Misyr Final Chapter

(No Choices)

[Bad End]

Misyr Rex Game Over End 1

Load Save 1

  1. I’m actually happy
    [Game Over End]

Misyr Rex Game Over End 2

Load Misyr Chapter 3

(No Choices)

[Bad End]

Misyr Rex Game Over End 3

Load Misyr Chapter 4

  1. I’m happy too
  2. I don’t mind it, but…
    [Bad End]


Congratulations! If you have followed these guides, you have 100% completed the game!

Café Enchanté Route Walkthroughs:

The walkthroughs are as spoiler-free as possible, listed in the recommended order, and following them will lead to 100% completion of the game.

  1. Canus Espada’s Route
  2. Ignis Carbunculus’s Route
  3. Kaoru Rindo’s Route
  4. Il Fado de Rie’s Route
  5. Misyr Rex’s Route (You are here!)

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