Blade Licking Thieves Podcast: Harakiri

Grant, Heat, and Zen are back to round out the last entry in the Masterclass Series!

Harakiri poster
Harakiri poster

The orderly, rigid code of bushido smashes up against human feeling in Masaki Kobayashi’s Harakiri (1962), a stunningly trenchant piece of subversive film-making — written by Rashoman and Seven Samurai scribe Shinobu Hashimoto, and starring the great Tatsuya Nakadai — that threatens to demolish the foundational ethos all of samurai cinema is built upon.


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Topics Discussed: Harakiri

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Podcast Episode Breakdown:

  • 00:00:00 What We’ve Been Watching + News
  • 00:31:25 Harakiri Review
  • 01:46:05 Twitter Questions

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