Welcome to Yatta-Tachi 3.0

It's been a long time coming...

After 2+ years of late-night discussions, tons of testing, one very long wishlist, and tears of frustration and joy, we present to you the new and very much improved Yatta-Tachi 3.0!

Colorful, Fun, Friendly, And Most Importantly, Accessible

If you know anything about Chris and myself, it’s that we are huge accessibility advocates. You can find us yelling about its importance to anyone who will listen (especially on our personal Twitter accounts). Creating accessible sites is something Chris and I pride ourselves in. One thing that we’ve heard time and time again is that having a site that meets the WCAG 2.1 standards stifles the “AESTHETICS” of the site. Well folks, we made it our mission to prove people wrong and I’m confident that we did just that. A lot went into the build of the site, including constant testing and research throughout the entire process. There are still things that need to be worked on, but we are happy that we have a more stable foundation to build upon.

So What’s Changed??

Oh, you’re gonna wanna pull up a chair. We’ve received a lot of feedback over the last couple of years on things y’all wanted us to produce. Never fret! We were keeping an on-going wishlist internally (and added a few ourselves). You won’t be able to see all changes on the front-end, but just know that this site was completely gutted and rebuilt from the ground up, externally and internally. There are a few of our pre-2017 articles that we will need to revisit and clear out old code, so don’t mind the wonkiness! So… let’s dive in and breakdown the goodies we have for you!

Our Release Lists Are Now Filterable

Box on the release article with the title, "Filter Releases By:" and the option to filter by Publisher, and hide options for digital and physical releases.

*insert Jack Nicholson nodding gif* Yes, I know, I know. FINALLY. This is definitely something y’all have asked for and I specifically requested Chris to help make this feature come to life since I, too, rely heavily on our release lists. You are now able to hide Digital or Physical titles interchangeably. We even took it a step further so you can filter by publishers as well! See it in action by looking at our July 2020 Manga/Light Novel/Book Releases article!

Tables Are Now Mobile-Friendly

Showing how the tables in the Spring 2020 Anime & Where To Watch Them articles resizes in mobile

File this also under “Why haven’t we done this yet?!” Viewing tables on mobile never worked very well. For most sites, that’s kind of a common problem, but guess what? That’s not gonna be one for us anymore. Chris made it his developer duty to not only make the tables on desktop look hella badass, but also revised them to work on mobile. Wanna see for yourself? Have a look at our Summer 2020 Anime & Where To Watch Them article!

No Need To Hunt For Latest Articles

As soon as you land on the homepage, open the menu, or scroll to the bottom of an article, you will now be able to see our latest articles without having to go back to our homepage!

New Comments

Do you ever look at something and think, “What made you believe that was a good idea?” Well, that’s me to my 2016 self when it comes to the old comment section. Ugh… Look, we all make terrible design mistakes and that’s one I am so glad we got rid of. Now we have a sleek, clean version, which has been separated from the main article, partly to cut down the load time. An example of the new commenting system can be seen by taking a look at our Ultimate List of Legal Anime Streaming Sites & What Countries They Are Available In.

Help Support Us!

Love what we are doing? Why not help support us! We strive to create fantastic content for you, our readers, but we have grander ideas we want to do and we need your help.

Always wondered how you can help give back? We’ve made it easy for you! Now there’s a page which is linked to at the end of each article on several ways to support Yatta-Tachi! We are working on expanding to more options, so be on the lookout for an update soon!

Nitty Gritty Changes:

  • Newsletters: We now offer two different types of newsletters and are looking to expand to other specific articles series you would like to opt into!
  • Blockquotes: We now have different types of blockquotes that we will be offering to our writers to use!
  • Content Warnings/Info Boxes: We now have a fancy alert at the beginning of our articles that let you know if the article contains spoilers or triggering subjects. These boxes also help you easily scan to see important information quickly.
  • Displaying Tags: Not sure why we had this hidden, but now at the end of the articles you can dive deeper and navigate through the article’s tags.
  • Author Boxes Improved: You can now easily navigate to a writer’s article archive (it was unclear previously).
  • Revamped Good/Bad Section: Scores are subjective, so we nixed them and overhauled the overlook of the pro/con sections in reviews.
  • Highlight Table Rows: In order to increase readability for tables on desktop, we’ve added a hover state to show which row you are on.

What’s next?

We really wanted to get the site redesign squared away first, so that we could then start working on other projects that we’ve had on the docket for almost a year now. Expect to hear about those soon! In the meantime, have a look around and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Big thank you to our supporters

From their continous support, we are able to pay our team for their time and hard work on the site.

We have a Thank-You page dedicated to those who help us continue the work that we’ve been doing.

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