Weekly Oricon Chart Roundup – week 28

Heya, and welcome to our nommy roundup of the oricon chart! We’ll be showing you some of the most popular new songs in Japan this week.


Summer Madness – 三代目 J Soul Brothers from EXILE TRIBE
A new number one this week, as last weeks song has dropped to number nine. J Soul Brothers’s new single Summer Madness (not to be confused with the Kool & The Gang song by the same name), features the well-known Dutch DJ, Afrojack. It seems these boys are on a roll, previously having partnered up with Slash for their Storm Riders single.


SUNNY DAY SONG/?←HEARTBEAT – μ’s/絢瀬絵里(南條愛乃)・東條希(楠田亜衣奈)・矢澤にこ(徳井青空)
The second of three love live singles accompanying the new film was released this week, taking the number two spot on the singles chart, much like the first single last week. Will they be forever second or will they pull out all stops at the end of the season? Find out next week on the nommy roundup!
(Sadly I was unable to find a video containing the song, so the official promotional video with a song from the first single will have to do)


表参道/二子玉川/Never Never Give Up – チャオ ベッラ チンクエッティ
Ciao Bella Cinquetti, who were formally known as THE Possible, released their first single under their new name this week and it came in at number 3 on the charts. Formally part of NICE GIRLS Project! which ended in January, they seem to have decided to no longer be part of idol projects and go on their own path. Time will tell if this works out but for now all we know is that these girls can sing!


I Won’t Turn Off My Radio – Ken Yokoyama
At number six this week there’s a new single from Ken Yokoyama, founder of the rather nommy, yet morbid sounding, Pizza of Death Records. A punk rock song sung in english, this one might require a certain taste in music, but it’s not as extreme as some punk can be.


ドリームパレード – i☆Ris
Dream Parade, a new single by i☆Ris, is what we find at number eight on the list. An Idol girl group formed by major record label Avex, their name comes from the word Iris, which means rainbow in greek. They even have their own Android and iPhone app.


風の軌跡 – さだまさし
On number eight on the album charts there’s a new album from Sada Masashi, a singer-songwriter, entertainer, novelist, film director, radio personality, Totsukawa tourism ambasador and a whole lot more. He was one of the most popular japanese male artists during the late 70’s and early 80’s, and clearly still got some of that magic. 



At number ten there’s Playback, by JUJU, a care-free song about a day on the beach. JUJU actually wanted to become a jazz singer, but once she moved to New York at the age of 18, she became very taken with the “New York sound”, influencing her to sing in a more poppy style.


And that’s it for our nommy music roundup, at least for this week. Tune in again next week for all-new music that’s making japan dance silly dances, at least until the next release hits the shops.

The full charts can be found at oricon.co.jp

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