Best Free (Legal) Websites To Watch And Stream Anime

By Katy Castillo

Watch more anime!

We know how it is not having the funds necessary to watch anime online, but don’t fret, friend! Here are 15 FREE anime streaming websites that are 100% legal. I have also included what countries they are available, and approximately how many titles they offer. I shall try to keep this list up-to-date and add/subtract sites as needed.

Have a little spending money? Check out our Ultimate List of Legal Anime Streaming Sites and Where They are Located for a full list of sites where you can get a monthly subscription!

LAST UPDATED: March 31st, 2020




  • Visit the Funimation Website
  • Cost: FREE/ $5.99 USD / $59.99 USD per year
  • Anime Titles Available: 300+
  • Regions Available: United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, Australia and New Zealand



  • Visit the VRV Website
  • Cost: FREE / $9.99 per month (Ad-Free)
  • Anime Titles Available: HIDIVE & Crunchyroll catalog
  • Regions Available: United States (?) 


Retro Crush


Asian Crush


ProSieben Maxx


Midnight Pulp





  • Visit the Anime-Planet Website
  • Cost: FREE // Bonus: Watching on AP auto updates your AP Anime Watch List
  • Anime Titles Available: 200+ (Partnership with Crunchyroll, HIDIVE, & Hulu)
  • Regions Available: Globally (Availability of Shows Depends on Country)


Tubi TV


Yahoo View



  • Visit the Crackle Website
  • Cost: FREE
  • Anime Titles Available: 10+
  • Regions Available: United States, Canada, Australia and across 18 countries in Latin America









  • Visit the Wakanim
  • Cost: FREE / 5€ per month
  • Anime Titles Available: 100+
  • Regions Available: Metropolitan France and Overseas, Benelux, Switzerland, Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco, Canada, French-speaking Africa, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Luxembourg, Germany, Austria, and Russia


YouTube Channels That Have Free Anime Episodes:


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  1. Thanks! Would be even more helpful if dub/sub and/or languages available were indicated in this list, unless it’s self-explanatory and I’m just not aware of it…

    1. Thanks for the feedback! While we strive to make sure this list has as much information as possible, sometimes that type of info isn’t always readily available from the stream providers. If we can get it, we’ll see about adding it to our article!

  2. Hey buddy
    I have read your content that’s pretty cool but you skip some new anime sites which in I found these two sites
    1. [redacted]
    2. [redacted]
    Check it and update your content too.

  3. Is it okay if you could add to the Japanese and international English You Tube channels of Chibi Maruko-chan and Coji Coji? Both are from Nippon Animation. They do not have a subtitled version but they do have a English dub (and other languages in the case of Maruko).

    Chibi Maruko-chan Japanese
    Chibi Maruko-chan International

    Coji Coji Japanese
    Coji Coji International