Variable Barricade – Ichiya Mitsumori Walkthrough (Spoiler‑Free)

“I’m the only one here who knows how to cook worth a damn.” - Ichiya

Game Content Warnings: Mild language, violence.

Route Warnings & Triggers: This route contains depictions of kidnap, emotional abuse, age gap, attempted suicide, suicidal ideations, forced drug use, and attempted sexual assault. Elaboration of triggers is disclosed in our review of the game and will contain spoilers. Viewer discretion is advised.

Ichiya Mitsumori Route Guide

Ichiya is handing Hibari a small plastic bag of cookies he baked. The bag is tied with a pink ribbon. Ichiya has a serious look on his face. Hibari is facing away from the viewer.

Things to keep in mind: This Variable Barricade walkthrough is as spoiler-free as possible, and following it will lead to 100% completion of the route.

Some choices may be out of order based on whether Continuous Play is turned on or off.

During the common route, the Level 1 Barricade Board for each of the love interests must be played. It does not matter which order these are completed in, only the choices made during the route. The same goes for selecting the boys throughout the common route.

If this is not the first route played, the common route can be skipped by starting a new game and selecting “Skip to ‘Make a Choice’.” I personally do not recommend doing this as new dialogue will be missed.

After completing this route, the corresponding After story will become available.

Once the Love End for all four LI’s has been completed, the True End Board unlocks. To access it, start a new game and follow the prompts.

This route also includes Bad End (17).

Ichiya Mitsumori

Common Route

Save 1

  1. Insist they have the wrong person.
  2. Ichiya Mitsumori
  3. Taiga Isurugi
  4. Shion Mayuzumi
  5. Nayuta Yagami
  6. I’m too tired.
  7. Ichiya Mitsumori
  8. You aren’t forcing your ‘wit,’ are you?
  9. Taiga Isurugi
  10. I hope to…
  11. Shion Mayuzumi
  12. You shouldn’t bother Yagami
  13. Nayuta Yagami
  14. If you don’t want to do all this, say so!

First Level 1 Barricade Board Choice: Ichiya Mitsumori

  1. What makes you think that?
  2. I don’t want to be spoiled.
  3. It doesn’t matter what others think.
  4. Thank you…
    Fall Down!!

Second Level 1 Barricade Board Choice: Taiga Isurugi

  1. Because you’re my suitor.
  2. Arguments are problematic, and should be avoided.
  3. It was frightening.
  4. Scold him.

Third Level 1 Barricade Board Choice: Shion Mayuzumi

  1. I like how I am now.
  2. Do you not like pets because you’re so similar to them?
  3. It’s difficult.
  4. Rally more cats.

Fourth Level 1 Barricade Board Choice: Nayuta Yagami

  1. He should worry about himself.
  2. I’m irritated.
  3. Admirable job.
  4. This enthusiasm.

Common Route

  1. Make a choice
  2. Ichiya

Ichiya’s Love End (03)

Save 2

  1. Yes, I enjoyed myself
  2. I want to know the real you.
  3. Can you visualize it…?
  4. Are you going to give up?
  5. I believe you.
    Save 3
  6. He seemed mature.
  7. (Thank goodness…)
  8. She was no better…
  9. I’ll look forward to it.
  10. Good luck…?
  11. He’s trying his best.
  12. Tease him.
  13. Thank you.
    Living the Sweet Life

Ichiya’s Marry End (01)

Load Save 1

  1. Take the red rose.
    The Graveyard of Life ~Ichiya Ver.~

Ichiya’s Bad End (02)

Load Save 2

  1. What about you? Did you enjoy it?
  2. It’s completely ineffective.
  3. You’re getting ahead of yourself.
  4. Are you going to run away?
  5. I have my doubts.
  6. He seemed observant.
  7. (Shouldn’t he let Ichiya know that?)
  8. It does concern me, yes.
    Broken Dreams

Ichiya’s Another End (04)

Load Save 3

  1. He seemed observant.
  2. (Shouldn’t he let Ichiya know that?)
  3. It does concern me, yes.
  4. Do you think you have a chance?
  5. I, er… I can tell you’re enthusiastic.
  6. You could have a point…
  7. Let it slide.
  8. Maybe we should calm down…
    Settling (Down) Is Not So Bad

Bad End (17)

  • Start a New Game
  • Skip Common Route
  • Select ‘Heroine Victory. (Reason Route)’
  1. Make a choice.
  2. Ichiya
  3. What about you? Did you enjoy it?
  4. It’s completely ineffective.
  5. You’re getting ahead of yourself.
  6. Are you going to run away?
  7. I have my doubts.
    One and Only Ally

Variable Barricade Walkthroughs and Route Order Recommendation

All four LIs are available from the start and can be played in any order. In all honesty, there’s no real reason to play one before another as all the routes are separate from the others. That being said, my recommendation is based on which stories I found the least engaging to the most.

  1. Nayuta Yagami
  2. Ichiya Mitsumori (You are here!)
  3. Shion Mayuzumi
  4. Taiga Isurugi

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