Things We Saw Around the Web (#8)

News/articles on Hatsune Miku, Sailor Moon Crystal, anime Studio Interview, Kiznaiver & more!

Here are a few things we saw around the web and think you should check out!

Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA Producer Hiroshi Utsumi Resigns

Things We Saw Around the Web #8: Hiroshi Utsumi

Game producer Hiroshi Utsumi announced that he has resigned from his position at Sega. In his blog post, he writes that, “Anyone can try and guess why I left, but it’s not because I’ve been made to take responsibility for something serious, or that I’ve come to dislike the series. It’s more just me being selfish and wanting to try my hand at new fields. I’m thankful for the company and the team members for hearing me out.


Connecting To The Flawed Yet Gorgeous Kiznaiver

Things We Saw Around the Web #8: Kiznaiver

Jonas Mönicke from Fighting For Nippon wrote about Kiznaiver‘s faults and how “the biggest strength lies not just in its characters, but its character moments.”


Moon Crisis Make Up! How Chiaki Kon Saved Sailor Moon Crystal

Sailor Moon Crystal Season 3: First Impressions (Ep.1 - Premonition Pt. 1 )

Dee Hogan ( aka JoseiNextDoor) on The Mary Sue wrote about the Sailor Moon Crystal S3’s director, Chiaki Kon, and how her influence changed the Crystal series from being a complete wreck to something rather enjoyable to watch.


Japanese Digital Animation – Where We Are and Where We’re Going (Part 1/2)

Things We Saw Around the Web #8: Wao World Interview

The Otaku Mode had an exclusive long interview with animation studio Wao World in Asagaya, Japan. They asked several questions including, “Under what kind of system is anime produced day by day in the Japanese anime industry and what sort of challenges do animators face? In 10 years’ time, how will animation production have changed for individual creators?”


Aniwords – Rediscovering the Musicals of My Childhood in Anime Insert Songs

Things We Saw Around the Web #8: Love Live! Singing Snow Halation
Isaac Akers (aka IBlessAll) wrote an editorial on Crunchyroll about insert songs in Anime and how they provoke “the same feelings in me that musicals do”.

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