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  1. detrop says:

    Seems fun. I’ll join in and form my own squado:
    – Alpha Male: Simon of Gurren Lagann. His journey to become a great Gurren-dan leader earns him this spot.
    – Twisted guy you love and hate: Uchiha Itachi. Crazy strong bastard to rival the leader. A great big-bro icon with twisted sense of sibling love.
    – Someone from FMA: Winry. Was considering Izumi Curtis but I like Winry’s candidness more to liven up the group.
    – Clown: Monkey D. Luffy. I would really like to hangout with him.
    – Robot: Chamber from Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet. Super smart AI and straight as an arrow. I can crack my puns on it and it will not get any of it. But given its AI, it’ll probably learn how to pun and own me in due time.