Summer 2019 Anime Season Preview Survey

Vote for the new anime you want us to preview!

With the spring anime season nearly over and the summer 2019 anime season’s first episodes about to air, we wanted to try something new. We’re going to do a series of short previews for some of the new summer shows, and we want your help choosing which ones!

Vote for your most anticipated new show of the upcoming season, and our team of contributors will review the first episode of the three most popular picks. If you don’t see your favorite on the list, it’s because we’re sticking with brand new shows for this season – no sequels or spinoffs. Deadline to vote is Sunday, June 30th at 8 PM CDT!

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Deadline to vote is Sunday, June 30th at 8pm CDT

Wondering if any of the new Summer 2019 anime are worth your time? Let us do the dirty work!

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