Commenting On: Steam Prison Review (Minor Spoilers)

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  1. summer flower says:

    I think even if you found the virginal MC trope annoying, you overlooked Cyrus a when it comes to her sexuality. When she first got her period, she was terrified and thought she was dying, and her mother lied to her about what it was. It’s pretty common to be terrified about getting your first period when you don’t know what it is, and unfortunately there are some parents who refuse to explain things because they’re uncomfortable. It’s not Cyrus’ fault that no one gave her “the talk” and the fact that she doesn’t care about sex or romance, while may not make for a relatable otome heroine, made her very unique imo.

    1. Kaley Connell says:

      I agree with you that her family not explaining things and how the fantasy world she lived in worked in general was an interesting and new take on the trope, and the fact that she was wholly unaware of her own body’s functions and how intercourse worked was something I hadn’t seen done before. As a singular character, Cyrus did stand out in this way. However, this isn’t enough for me to let the trope pass. The world and characters are created by the writers and directors of the game, and they chose to make Cyrus and the world the way they are. I find that much too often in Japanese media, female characters are put into tiny boxes detailing who they can be and what they can do. Sexuality is typically one of the most restrictive aspects of their personalities, so when I see a character like Cyrus, I can’t help but see her situation as another way to force a specific image on women. Now, I’m not saying all characters like this are bad. I think Cardia from Code: Realize is a great example of a non-sexual MC, and her situation causes her lack of interest in romance to make a lot of sense. At the end of the day, though, I just wasn’t a fan of Cyrus or much of her story. Even still, I’m happy if other people enjoyed playing Steam Prison, and I’ll be keeping an eye out for more titles from HuneX!