Site Update – Important Announcement & Short Hiatus

Taking a short break, but in the meantime, we have something extremely exciting to share with you!

Greetings fellow Yattans!

Starting tomorrow, we will be on hiatus until the 31st of July. Several of our staff will be on vacation (all editors and myself), so we wanted to give ourselves time to recharge. Never fear though! We will be back in the game and rolling out articles starting the 1st of August!

Also, we have a few exciting events coming to Yatta-Tachi in the next couple of weeks that we are beyond excited to be a part of. One of them which you can participate in we can announce RIGHT NOW.

Besides being press for AnimeFest next month, we are in the process of finalizing our interview requests for the Japanese industry guests. Yes, we have a strong chance of being able to interview, among others, none other than the studio staff of YURI!!! ON ICE.

Below is a list of the fantastic folks we plan on interviewing:

Yuri!!! On Ice

Yuri!!! On Ice Studio Staff

  • Mitsurou Kubo – Manga Artist
  • Sayo Yamamoto – Director
  • Tadashi Hiramatsu – Animation Director and Character Designer

Napping Princess (Hirune Hime)

Hirune Hime Studio Staff

  • Kenji Kamiyama – Director
  • Motonobu Hori – Animator
  • Shigeto Koyama – Designer
  • Christophe Ferreira – Animator / Designer
  • Yoshiko Sakurai – Producer

Lu, Over the Wall

Lu, Over The Wall Studio Staff

  • Masaaki Yuasa – Director (Night is Short, Walk On Girl! [Apr. 7, 2017] as well)
  • Eunyoung Choi – Producer/Animator

Individual Interviews

Atsuko Tanaka – Veteran Animator (Your Name, The Boy and the Beast, Space Dandy, Summer Wars, Studio Ghibli)

Dai Sato – Scriptwriter (Cowboy Bebop, Ghost In The Shell: SAC, Samurai Champloo, Wolf’s Rain, Space Dandy, Ergo Proxy, Eden of the East)

Atsumi Tanizaki – VA (Chise – Ancient Magus Bride, Mizore – Sound! Euphorium 2, Tome – Mob Pyscho 100, Kyoko – Idolm@aster CG)

Arina Tanemura – Mangaka (Full Moon o Sagashite, The Gentlemen’s Alliance Cross, and Phantom Thief Jeanne)

Where do you come in?

While they aren’t officially set in stone yet, we are setting time aside to get ourselves ready for the upcoming convention and interviews, which is where you come in. My good Yattan, we need your help to come up with questions to ask!

If you go to this form, you can submit questions you would love to ask a specific creator or group of creators. Please include your name so that, if we use your question, we can give you a shout out!

Last day to submit questions will be August 1st, 2017 9:00pm CT.

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