Exciting Site Announcements for September 2016!

Hey, everyone! I wanted to take some time to explain a few exciting things we have in store for you starting the first week of September!

Switching Gears

Yatta-Tachi’s mission since the beginning is to bring our audiences a wide range of editorials about the Japanese culture. After a rocky start, Yatta-Tachi moved into its awkward, teenage, doesn’t-know-what-it-wants-to-be phase at the beginning of this year. Before we knew it, we were producing several reviews each week and produced very few other pieces. After several long discussions with the staff, we agreed it would be best we go back to our original vision we had for the site.

At the end of this Summer 2016 anime season, we will no longer be doing episodic, mid-season or series reviews. We personally believe that this will help us realign and be able to focus on more editorial pieces, alleviating the drain on our resources/staff to review/write/edit on the fly due to the quick turnover rate reviewing the latest anime season requires.

That does not mean we will not be reviewing at all. We will still be producing reviews sporadically for opportunities such as movies, subscription boxes, invited events, etc. We will just not be as frequent. Doing so will free up our writers’ and editors’ time so we can work on producing higher quality articles and…

Publishing Articles 3 Days a Week

Along with the movement away from reviews, we also had a rather long discussion about our frequency of publishing articles. Yatta-Tachi is a volunteer based site and all the team members/contributors collaborate on running the site with no reimbursement, including myself. We come from all over the world, including Spain, the Netherlands, and Japan, with jobs and schooling that takes priority. Yatta-Tachi produces articles during our free time.

With that understanding, we shall be publishing 3 days a week (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday) versus the original 5 days a week. As previously mentioned, this will also free up our staff and resources and allow us all more time to create richer content, which tends to take more time to procure than reviews.

We will be rolling out the new schedule starting next week! Also, with the new scheduling and change in article content, we have a few exciting things y’all will be looking forward to!


While Chris and I were at AnimeFest 2016, we were given the honor and opportunity to interview several Japanese animation guests who worked on shows like My Hero Academia, Tokyo Ghoul, and One-Punch Man. Our questions included several from you, our fans, and we are beyond excited to announce that those interviews will be published each week of September, beginning on the 6th.

Contributor Opportunities

We still have a few more positions available for editorial columnists.

Here are a few awesome perks that come with being a Yatta-Tachi contributor:

  • Career exposure
  • Potential press passes to local anime conventions
  • Potential manga/anime sent to you to review
  • Invitations to exclusive industry events
  • Free swag/promotional merch such as business cards, flyers, etc.
  • Recommendation letters for job applications upon request
  • Involvement with a great fan base from all around the world

If you are interested, please take a look at our Contributor’s page.

Big thank you to our supporters

From their continous support, we are able to pay our team for their time and hard work on the site.

We have a Thank-You page dedicated to those who help us continue the work that we’ve been doing.

See our thank you page

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