News for Your Weekend (August 8)

I hope you are ready for this week's News for Your Weekend because two of them have dragons in them!



This week has been fairly eventful so far. There’s news about music, games, anime, and more. Let’s dive in!

Both Kotaku and Siliconera have translated a report from Nikkei about Konami‘s alleged treatments towards its employees. If these allegations are true, they are very miserable. Hit up one or both the links to read more. I am honestly confused and saddened.

Hey, here is a new song from the amazing Wagakki Band titled Akatsuki no Ito featuring a floating platform, katana, and a dragon. Okay, this is technically not news, but it’s still cool.

Just recently in Japan, two great rock bands, X-JAPAN and LUNA SEA shook LUNATIC FEST. The bands also reminisced about how they were introduced to each other by the late X-JAPAN guitarist, HIDE. Of course they also took some time to remember the other deceased member of X-JAPAN, Taiji.

The Last Guardian from genDESIGN and basically, Team Ico, is one of my most anticipated titles for the current generation of consoles. RocketNews24 translated an interview with Fumito Ueda about what to expect from the game.

If you have been waiting for the official English translation of Clannad (or perhaps you did not know about the existence of the Kickstarter project), Siliconera reported that the translation team has recently completed it.

Japan loves the Star Wars franchise and there is nothing more amazing to show it off than by making rice field art and constructing beautiful character lanterns. Seriously, do check them out. You. Will. Check. Them. Out (slowly waves hand in front of you).

This week also happens to mark the 70th anniversary of the bombings on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. No, the news I bring is not about politics, but about the restoration of an old trolley that used to run in Hiroshima. I love reading about people restoring older pieces of technology and, ultimately, preserving a small bit of history.

Continuing with Hiroshima, The Japan Times reported that there is currently an exhibition commemorating the bombing at the Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art.

The final piece of news this week regarding Hiroshima is from The New Yorker. The magazine is making a famous retelling of the event available online. The report was compiled by John Hersey one year after the bombing. It was later printed in book format.

There’s more exciting news about Digimon Adventure tri: Koji Wada, the original singer of the opening song, Butter-Fly, is back for the series. You can check out the newest rendition of the beloved theme at Anime News Network. I am glad that Wada is healthy again and is able to perform. Though, the sleepy expressions of the Digidestined are still bothering me.

Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection “F” earned quite a good sum of money just from the opening night. This week, if you have not heard, is the week where the movie is running in select cinemas in the US. Check the first link to see how it is doing and the second to see the cinema nearest you that is showing the movie. Remember, supporting anime movies is a sure way to show there’s a demand for them and, hopefully, get more in theaters.

New Yorkers, if you are going to Waku Waku +NYC, Anime News Network has special programs that you can check out. The panels talk about anime journalism, Osamu Tezuka, and some of the rarest anime ever made.

For folks who have been keeping up with the Kamen Rider series, the latest Rider has been revealed: Kamen Rider Ghost. Japanator acquired some magazine scans about Ghost and its power of channeling deceased figures such as Thomas Edison and Miyamoto Musashi.

Gunpla fans may have to aim higher to win the Dengeki Gunpla King contest. Just look at the overall winner’s custom creation! Pretty crazy! The horse looks a little like Michael Bay’s Transformers designs to be honest.

There’s news about a slightly larger Gundam. Crunchyroll caught wind of a 1/3 scale Gundam Wing landing in a mall in Hong Kong. Also, there seems to be a smaller scale model of Gundam Unicorn in its Destroyer mode too. Don’t believe me? There are photos in the article.

Here is a new trailer and news from Final Fantasy XV that fleshes out a little bit of the back story. I am still skeptical about the game but I’m also somewhat interested in the story. It is slated to be out some time next year.

Texans around the Fort Worth area will have a barrage of amazing anime movies playing at The Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth. The museum will be showing some really great movies such as Paprika, Summer Wars, Grave of the Fireflies, and Metropolis (based on Osamu Tezuka‘s original manga).

The Japan News wrote a small but cool article about the rise of female rock bands in Japan. The reporter visited GIRLS ROCK SPLASH!!, an event where a few female bands rocked and shook the stage. There is a similar event coming up on August 29 in Osaka, too.

Tofugu has an insightful article about the history and design of the Japanese umbrella, or kasa (bonus point for the bi-lingual pun in the second paragraph =D). This article also has a video on how a craftsman handmade the traditional water shield.

Crunchyroll also reported that the US Blu-Ray and DVD release of When Marnie was There will fall on October 6. Ready your wallets and credit cards, folks!

That should be enough for your enjoyment. I shall see you next weekend! Well, not literally, of course.

Image Source: Ronin Dave

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