News for Your Weekend (August 15)

It is the weekend and you should know by now what to expect. Yes, more juicy news compiled just for you!


News! News everywhere! As usual, we have quite the variety of scoops from many different sources. Dig in!

Remember one of our earlier news posts that featured the death of Tama the station master? Recently, Tama’s successor was named: Nitama. RocketNews24 reported that Nitama (roughly “Tama the Second”) will take up the mantle of the symbolic position with the hope of continuing to bring visitors to Kishi Station in the Wakayama Prefecture. I personally think that Nitama also looks cute and ready to shoulder the responsibilities.

This one is not actually news as much as an amusing report. A RocketNews24 correspondent recently went to a ramen restaurant to try a bowl of ramen with a 100 chashu slices. As much as I love meat and how impressive the stack is, I prefer a more reasonable portion.

In gaming news, we recently caught wind of the approval of a Resident Evil 2 (Biohazard 2 in Japan) remake. I am sure many action horror fans will be delighted to know one of the pioneers of the genre is getting a facelift for the current generation of gaming devices. I won’t be picking this one up when it come out, unfortunately. No, I do not play scary games, thank you very much.

Also in gaming/music news, the world’s most beloved virtual songstress, Hatsune Miku, is slated for a new project. Anime News Network said that there is not much detail yet, but they are looking for fan illustration submissions.

One of my favorite Japanese singers, YUI, has recently gave birth to healthy twin boys! Never would I imagine that. I am at a loss for words.

ANN also wrote an article about how the Persona series has become a beloved franchise. I am going to nod in agreement.

Those of you who are going to Tokyo or are reading this post from that side of the world may want to try this cafe out: Kawaii Monster Cafe Harajuku. Japan Today reported about the new cafe’s opening. KMCH features kawaii- and colorful-themed interior designs and food presentations.

Who loves sushi? I do! Did you know that in Japan, sushi chefs are always males? The chefs believe that females cannot be sushi chefs because of various reasons. However, Japan Today reported about a sushi restaurant founded and managed by women who want to challenge the gender inequality. Her sushi looks great and I would happily chow on them.

For you weapon aficionados, especially Japanese ones, here is a great article for you from Tofugu. It briefly introduces the many weapons from ancient Japan. There are some unusual ones and even some that evolved from farming tools.

You will be delighted to know that Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’ in the US has earned about US $8 Million! This short run has clearly demonstrated that there are paying audiences for anime movies, especially ones with staying power like the Dragon Ball series. Another great news is the movie is having “encore screenings” through August 17! Check the official website to find out where! By the way, one of our editors, softly_raining, is going to release a review for the movie. Stay plugged in to find out what she thought of it.

In the music news, FLOW, the band with many anime songs under its belt, just released a new single titled, “Niji no Sora.” Have a listen!

Are you someone who’s interested in collecting Yokai from the game series Yokai Watch? Well, Japanese McDonald’s now have limited edition Yokai Watch french fry covers! Look at them!

Alrighties, that is all I have for this weekend. Since Comiket is this weekend, we may have quite a bit of Comiket news next time. Hope you had a good read and I will be beak next week. I mean, I will be back, not beak. =D

Photo credit: The Japan Times

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