News for Your Weekend (August 1)


Are you ready for your weekend read and view? Of course you are!

Above is the newest song and dance routine from WORLD ORDER titled “Multipolarity.” There is no translation of the lyrics yet, but knowing the group and by looking at the music video, it may have something to do with international relations. Possibly involving Japan and other neighboring countries.

You may have seen the news about a thousand Pikachus parading in Yokohama, Japan. OK, not a thousand, but there were quite a number of them waddling on the street. If you want to join them, at least in the spirit of the upcoming Pokemon outbreak event, here is a dance video that teaches you how to dance a la the electrifying yellow rodent. Wiggle wiggle.

After a couple of weeks since Satoru Iwata’s passing, there are still people commemorating him. One of them is also a great friend of Iwata, Masahiro Sakurai, the creator of the super popular Smash Bros. game series. In this article from Kotaku, Sakurai wrote about his experience attending Iwata’s solemn funeral.

Kotaku also compiled a list of great JRPG soundtracks for those of you who like listening to them. Some of my personal favorites like, Persona 3 and 4, Suikoden 2, Bravely Default, and more, are in the list. What are some of yours?

You may have heard or read about One Piece being adapted into a kabuki play. Now we know how Monkey D. Luffy would look if he was played by professional kabuki actors. It’s certainly vibrant!

JRPG fans will be pleased to know that Shin Megami Tensei IV on the Nintendo 3DS platform is performing very well worldwide. Anime News Network and Siliconera both reported that the game has sold over 600,000 copies around the world.

I would have never thought a collaboration like this would happen. Hideaki Anno, the key creator of the famed Neon Genesis Evangelion franchise and the mecha designer, Ikuto Yamashita, have teamed up with a bullet train company to design the official Eva-01 train. Check out the concept art; it’s pretty cool!

Amidst the chaos surrounding Konami and Hideo Kojima as well as the cancellation of the project between Kojima and Guillermo del Toro, there is good news. Both creative minds have said that they still want to collaborate on a new project! Here is hoping that the new project will not be a horror game.

Above is a video tribute by an animator who loves Hayao Miyazaki’s works. Verdict: great choice of music and great editing by blending the 3D environmental models with the 2D animation frames.

More about Miyazaki: Disney has confirmed that it will be releasing The Collected Works of Hayao Miyazaki via Amazon in the US. The release date is November 17 so keep that in your calendar or go to Amazon to pre-order it now. Be warned, it may cost your entire bank account. Maybe.

If you like sushi, you definitely want to check this short documentary about a sushi chef and his apprentice in New York City. It contains some life lessons and philosophy that are simply heartwarming.

Here is a fun travel log about a chain of second-hand figurine, merchandise, paraphernalia, and clothing warehouses named Kaihou Souko. It looks like a gigantic place with all sorts of anime/game stuff. The great thing is, there are lots of photographs in the article. The bad thing is, it is in Japan.

Do you ever wonder how one would set foot in the Japanese anime voice acting industry? Here is a write-up about Azusa Tadokoro, a recent rising voice actress and her journey.

This isn’t quite news but more of a hopeful statement involving two popular metal/heavy rock bands: X-Japan and BABYMETAL. Yoshiki, the leader of X-Japan, expressed his interest in a possible collaboration between his band and BABYMETAL after meeting the three young ladies. May the Fox God grant this wish of mine.

The popularity of Meitantei Conan (Detective Conan, also known as Case Closed) has led to Tottori Prefecture collaborating with the franchise. The latest place in the prefecture to be named after Conan is an airport. The prefecture, in turn, gets a boost of tourist visits.

That is all I have for this weekend. I hope the Hayao Miyazaki tribute got to your feels and brought out a few tears. Check back in next week, OK?


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