Site News: New Changes In Regard To Our Affiliation With Amazon

In light of the strike and considering Amazon’s business ethics, we are shifting away from using their affiliate program.

In solidarity with the Amazon strike taking place today and tomorrow (July 15th & July 16th respectively), we have temporarily turned off all Amazon links for our recent Releases articles.

After some reflection and weighing of our options, we have agreed that we will be starting the process of completely moving away from Amazon and their affiliation program effective immediately. It will be a slow process, but we support safe work environments and prefer to bring business to smaller companies. Going forward, we will be switching all order links in future articles to other companies that better align with our moral values.

Thank you, everyone, for being patient with us during this transition. 💖

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Katy Castillo

Owner & Editor-in-Chief of Yatta-Tachi! She/Her. You can find me discussing anime/manga, yelling about the importance of accessibility/inclusiveness, UX/Visual Design, and how much I love food on Twitter & Instagram. 

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