New Cast Member Announced for Recently Premiered Lupin III

Voice actress announced for a new character in the first Lupin III TV series in 30 years

Anime News Network recently reported that voice actress Yukiyo Fujii (Amagi Brilliant Park, Log Horizon) will be playing a character new to the Lupin series, Rebecca Rossellini. Rebecca is not only the president of a conglomerate in San Marino (the new series’ setting), but she is also a model, an actress, and according to a recently released preview of the series, Lupin’s wife?!

[Preview courtesy of TMS Entertainment’s YouTube channel, translation courtesy of ANN]

Text: My name is Lupin III
Lupin: I’m stealing back what’s already been stolen, that’s all.
Jigen: Word of advice, pointing a gun at me is…
Goemon: Until I’ve paid back my debt, I will protect you.
Fujiko: Which do you prefer?
Zenigata: I won’t let you get away until I die, Lupin!
Rebecca: Because I’m your wife! I’m Mrs. Lupin!
Lupin: Lupin III
Lupin: I’ll take what I claim!

Lupin III, otherwise known as Lupin III: Part IV, is the first full Lupin series in 30 years. The last series to air on television was Lupin III: Part III which ran from 1984 to 1985. This series sees Lupin as a young man in his 20’s romping around Italy, up to his usual shenanigans and thievery.

The new series premiered on Italian television network Italia 1 on August 29th under the title Lupin III – L’awentura (Lupin III – The Italian Adventure). The Japanese premiere is set for October 1st on late night television. The Japanese premiere will also feature the new ending theme Chanto Iwanakya Ai Sanai (I Won’t Love You If You Don’t Say It Straight) as performed by Enka singer Sayuri Ishikawa.

How did this new character Rebecca manage to settle Lupin down long enough to marry him? How does Fujiko (his long-time love interest) fit into all of this? What kind of hi-jinks can the gang get into in Italy? Be sure to watch this new series to find out! I know I’m looking forward to it.

Anyone else a Lupin fan from back in the day and plan on watching the new series? Be sure to comment below!

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