Masashi Kishimoto to Attend New York Comic Con

Naruto's creator will be in New York later this year

Seems like Naruto’s creator isn’t quite done yet…

Masashi Kishimoto is planning to attend this year’s New York Comic Con in October. He’ll be participating in two panels as well as doing several autographs sessions during the convention.

Kishimoto ended his long running manga series Naruto in November of last year. He has continued to produce media in the same universe, including a movie at the end of last year and another slated for this fall, as well as a spin-off manga. Kishimoto says he has enough to work on in the franchise until summer, after which he can really move on to his next work. Will it live up to the 15+ years of fame Naruto has enjoyed? Only time will tell…

For further info, check out the post on ANN: New York Comic Con to Host Naruto Creator

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