Magical Marriage Lunatics – Yuna Shirahase Walkthrough

"Yu♥Yu is a team forever."

Yuna’s route includes scenes of violence and a car accident resulting in death.

Overall Game Content Warnings & Information: Magical Marriage Lunatics is rated AO and includes scenes involving sex, violence, and rape. Please note that all characters who engage in sexual content are 18 years of age or older.

Yuna Shirahase’s Route Guide

Yuna cooking for MC

Following this guide will lead to 100% completion of the route. Optional choices during H-scenes are not included in the guide as you will receive the CG for both options no matter which choice you make. You can make a save before the first choice to quickly start on your next playthrough.

  1. A little makeup might be nice.
  2. Go see Yuna.
  3. Answer normally.
  4. Because I’m really a mama’s boy?
  5. Go see Yuna.
  6. Go tease Dora.
  7. Go see Yuna.
  8. She’s probably in the restroom…
  9. Wander around.
  10. Go see Yuna.
  11. It’s dark, so I can’t really tell
    (Route Complete)

Magical Marriage Lunatics Walkthroughs

These guides are as spoiler-free as possible. All the girls are available from the start, so players can immediately romance whichever character they want. Because of this, there’s no actual ‘True End’ and no reason to play them in any particular order, though Luci is considered the poster girl/main girl for the game.

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