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  1. Mallika says:

    What about Manta and Lezhin? Aren’t they also legal sites?

    1. Katy Castillo says:

      Yes, they both are! Lezhin was already on the list, but I added Manta as well! Thank you!

  2. wrcmadison says:

    Excellent information.. The complete list found here only.. kindly update on regular basis.

  3. thetecsite says:

    thanks for supplying the great list. its really useful. bookmarked it.

  4. Terra says:

    JESUS CHRIST, thank you so much for bringing attention to all these sites. I’ve always loved JP manga but all the sites I knew of were primarily webtoons or non-manga types (like TappyToon, tapas, LINE Webtoon, and Lezhin) of which I’m not a big fan of. So now that I know of sites that I can pay a subscription for, I can wait to support the authors I love!!!

    1. Katy Castillo says:

      You’re welcome!!

  5. Shana says:
    I use both of the above. Also love this list as Iā€™m making the switch to legal site to help support the creators. So thanks!

    1. Katy Castillo says:

      Thank you! We updated our list and I’m glad you find it helpful so you can read them legally! <3

  6. eames says:

    Lezhin is one too I think. Thanks for the list

  7. sam says:

    i love

    1. Katy Castillo says:

      Thank you for bringing this to our attention! I shall be adding it to the list shortly! šŸ˜€

  8. Raikagebrowz says:

    Wow such a nice list, I had no idea that Manga was so widely and legally available, will switch to this alternative immediately. Also thanks for your legal anime streaming list, I added a comment there with some cool site I found.

    1. Katy Castillo says:

      Thank you!!!