The Ultimate List of Legal Online Manga Sites

The Master List of Legal Online Manga Reading Sites

LAST UPDATED: May 7th, 2021

( Note: Due to licensing, some of these sites might not be available in your country and I apologize in advance if that is the case. )

Use the links below to quickly navigate to each site’s information. Sites may contain adult content.

Mature/Hentai Manga (Contain Adult Content):

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Book Walker

Price: Varies (Digital Download & App reader available)
Available: Worldwide, except in Japan
Visit Book Walker’s Website

Comic Walker

Price: FREE
Available: Worldwide
Visit Comic Walker’s Website

Coolmic App (BL/Smut/Hentai)

Price: FREE (First 3 episodes) / Paid
Available: Worldwide
Visit Coolmic’s Website (App contains Mature content)


Price: FREE (limited selection) / $6.95 per month (all access) / $11.95 per month (all access)
Available: Worldwide 
Visit Crunchyroll’s Website


Price: Free (Select Chapters) / Digital Download (iPad, Kindle, Nook, Sony, Kobo and Android-based devices)
Available: Worldwide
Visit E-Manga’s Website

Futekiya (BL/Boys’ Love)

Price: $6.99 USD per month subscription
Available: Worldwide
Visit Futekiya’s Website

Gen Manga

Price: $24 (Bulk Archive Digital Download)
Available: North America and possibly Worldwide
Visit Gen Manga’s Website

Inky Pen (Nintendo Switch App)

Price: $7.99 USD Per Month 
Available: possibly Worldwide
Visit Inky Pen’s Website

Irodori Aqua

Price: Digital Download
Available: Worldwide
Visit Irodori Aqua’s Website

Irodori Sakura (BL, Yuri, and LGBT)

Price: Digital Download
Available: Worldwide
Visit Irodori Sakura’s Website

J-Novel Club (Light Novels)

Price: FREE / $4.95 USD a month or $4.50 USD a month (annually) / Premium Membership: $10.95 a month or $10 a month (annually)
Languages: English
Visit J-Novel Club’s Website

Juné (BL/Boys’ Love)

Price: $7.50 USD per volume
Languages: English
Visit Juné’s Website (Website contains Mature content)


Price: Varies ($0 – Coin purchases)
Languages: English, Japanese, Korean
Visit Lezhin’s Website (Website may contain Mature content)

Lilyka Manga (Yuri)

Price: Varies
Languages: English
Visit Lilyka Manga’s Website (Website may contain Mature content)

LINE Webtoon

Price: FREE (Web) / Free – Varies (App)
Languages: English
Visit LINE Webtoon’s Website (Website may contain Mature content)


Price: FREE
Available: Worldwide
Visit MANGA.CLUB’s Website

Mangamo (App)

Price: $4.99 USD per month (iOS App for iPhone and iPad)
Available: United States & Canada
Visit Mangamo’s Website

Manga Plus

Price: FREE
Available: English & Spanish, Worldwide (except Japan, China, and South Korea)
Visit Manga Plus’ Website

Manga Reborn

Price: Free (Select Volumes) / Various  (Pay per chapter) –  Online Viewer 
Available: United States, Japan, Asia
Visit Manga Reborn’s Website

Manga Planet

Price: $6.99 USD per month
Available: Worldwide
Visit Manga Planet’s Website

Manta Comics

Price: $3.99 USD per month
Available: Worldwide
Visit Manta Comics’ Website

Net Comics

Price: Varies – Online Viewer (Pay per chapter)
Available: North America and possibly Worldwide
Visit Net Comics’ Website

Pocket Comics (App)

Price: Varies (App – iOS App Store & Google Play)
Available: possibly Worldwide
Visit Pocket Comics’ Website


Price: Varies ($0-$4 per chapter/48-hour rental or unlimited)
Available: Worldwide
Visit Renta!’s Website (Website contains Mature content)

Romance Comics (Formerly: Balloons and Chapters)

Price: Varies – Online Viewer (Pay per volume)
Languages: English, Chinese, French, Indonesian, Thai, Tagalog, Malaysian, Japanese
Visit Balloon and Chapters’ Website

Shonen Jump (App)

Price: $1.99 USD per month 
Language: English
Get The Shonen Jump App

 SuBLime (BL, Yaoi or Shounen-ai)

Price: Varies – Digital Download & Online Viewing available
Languages: English
Visit SuBLime’s Website (May contain mature content)


Price: Varies (Free – Purchase tokens)
Languages: English
Visit Tapas’ Website


Price: Varies (Free – Purchase tokens)
Languages: English
Visit TappyToon’s Website

Viz App

Price: Free (Select Chapters) / Digital Download (Kindle, Nook, iBooks & Google Play)
Available: North America, the United Kingdom, Ireland, and South Africa
Visit Viz’s Website


Price: FREE (Web) / Free – Varies (App – Google Play & iOS App Store)
Available: 24 Countries
Visit WebComics’s Website

Irodori Comics (Hentai)

Price: Digital Download
Available: Worldwide
Visit Irodori Comics’s Website (Mature Content)

Project-H (Hentai)

Price: Varies
Languages: English
Visit Project H’s Website (Mature Content)

FAKKU (Hentai)

Price: $12.95 USD per month
Languages: English
Visit Fakku’s Website (Mature Content)

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