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  1. Caro says:

    I really love Akatsuki No Yona!
    I fell in love with every single character, yes, they are all handsome but definitely their backstories, the reasons why the are and act like that, everything is interesting in this anime and manga. My favorite one by far
    Zeno’s past is the saddest thing I’ve seen, he deserves my respect. Shin-Ah is the one I love most in a romantic way hehe and Yoon is sooo funny, I mean… he is like the mother of the group! XD

  2. Tres says:

    I still haven’t finished this anime. But from the review I’ve read, I’ll definitely put this on my next to watch.

    1. Laurelin says:

      I’m glad that this review is inspiring you to continue watching Yona! It really is a good anime.

  3. Harley Gin says:

    Such a great anime! I can’t wait for them to continue it!