Commenting On: Japanese Media and TPP’s Copyright Agreement

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  1. Harley Gin says:

    This is such a tricky subject. Slowly people have been translating the massive document dump into something everyone can understand (dumb it down) and figuring out how it will affect everyone. While it sounds terrible, I hope it isn’t as bad as we are fearing.

    1. softly_raining says:

      It is pretty tricky. No one has posted an exact copy of the agreement, so all we can do for now is rely on what a bunch of different sources are saying. This makes it even more difficult because opinions get included in those, so some sources will label elements as a good thing while others will discuss them negatively. There are few agreements and laws that are set in stone, though, so if there are any big problems that occur due to the TPP, hopefully revisions can be made.