Flying Witch Series Review [Spoiler‑Free]

A Slice of Life and Fantasy

Have you ever wondered what life would be like if it had a bit of magic in it? Life is a struggle as it is, but what if it had fantasy elements to help ease said struggle? With that subtle change to the world, one could become a witch! They would be able to soar into the sky and view things like they never could before. Come and take a step into the world that is Flying Witch!

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Flying Witch Review: Kei

On first glance, you’ll see some similarities between Flying Witch and Studio Ghibli’s Kiki’s Delivery Service. It has elements such as a girl witch riding a broomstick, magic, a cat for a familiar (companion), and even nice visuals. Even so, Flying Witch takes its own direction when it comes to everything else. For example, by giving off a calm atmosphere, the show has a pleasant feeling to it. If you’re looking for something with an overarching plot or complex story, you won’t find it here. Due to Flying Witch being a slice of life, the story lies within the characters, thus, it doesn’t need complexity.

Flying Witch Review: Magic Circle
An example of a basic magic circle

When it comes to fantasy, magic is known to be flashy with colorful effects and elaborate animation. However, in Flying Witch, magic takes a different approach to how it is displayed. Any magic used is simple and calm, which adds a realistic touch to it.

The show gives a slight explanation of witches and their influence on the world. Informing us of the existence of witches and fantasy creatures gives us a little background on them. Sadly, there are also flaws with the element of fantasy Flying Witch has. It has a missed opportunity for some neat world building on magic and witches. A explanation of how one can potentially become a witch and on their origins would have been interesting to add to the series.

Even with its slight flaws, Flying Witch is a series that offers something pleasant. It is a show you can watch to unwind after a long stressful day, and it offers a feeling I haven’t experienced in anime in quite a while. Due to that, I am grateful to Flying Witch.


Flying Witch Review: Chinatsu

The characters in Flying Witch make this show, but drag it down at times. What and who they interact with and how they do so gives it a feeling of realism. At the same time, their personalities feel bland and simple. For example, the cast is always happy and cheerful, but there is nothing more to them than that. They are not complex, and there could have been moments where they encounter situations that improved their character. If it had moments where characters could be fleshed out more, that would have been better. The show is trying to go for a “Feel Good” feeling and having characters be happy is fine, but they can still be that while having more personality.

Despite my gripes about the characters’ bland personalities, the show certainly does deliver life situations for the them to go through. In some episodes, you’ll see instances where the cast is doing field work, going to school, and even cooking. Each episode delivers something that the slice of life genre is known for and how it does that is fun in it itself. In addition, Flying Witch also mixes in some comedy that feels natural. Comedy is shown through conversation or silly facial expressions due to the situation of the scene.

Art & Animation

Flying Witch Review: Flying Whale
Flying Whale

The art in Flying Witch makes everything appealing to look at, which adds to the enjoyment value of the series. Regular scenes look beautiful as the atmosphere and surroundings are high quality and well-drawn. Whether it is the trees, plants, sky, or even backgrounds, nearly every scene’s art is top notch. As for the character designs, while some look plain in comparison to others, I feel it works well in this series. When the scene is trying to showcase a fantasy being, having characters that look normal helps the audience tell the difference. The art is strongest when moments of fantasy and magic happen. The quality and coloring of the art best displays this since it appears marvelous compared to the normal slice of life moments that contain simple situations.

Flying Witch Review: Magic Candy

The animation is minimal compared to the art since limited movement is used to show the actions of the characters. Examples of this are when Makoto (the main character) is taking off for flight, or a conversation between two people is taking place. However, it is strongest when a character expresses facial reactions to something or whenever the show displays effects of magic. Flying Witch uses animation to the best of its ability when it can. Knowing that, it becomes a series that is worth appreciating.



The music for Flying Witch is composed by Yoshiaki Dewa, who also arranged and composed the soundtrack for Nagi no Asukara. Every track in the show has a calm melodic sound that feels soothing and relaxing. Utilization of natural instruments to accompany the calming tone of the guitar shows said melody. The music is simple, but it works for a show like this. It didn’t need to be complex or spontaneous to fit the calm atmosphere Flying Witch was going for and it understood that. I believe the tracks focusing on the background displays that well.

Final Thoughts

Flying Witch Review: Chinatsu Being a Genius

I believe Flying Witch is a slice of life series done right with a twist. It has everything your slice of life anime would and then some with a bit of fantasy and magic involved. Sure, it may have its flaws, but nothing is perfect. Unlike a couple of slice of life anime I have seen this past season, Flying Witch didn’t bore me and I smiled with each episode as it aired. This series is truly an anime that is pleasant; I highly recommend watching it.

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The Good

  • Great utilization with slice of life genre
  • Simple and realistic approach on witches and magic
  • Fantastic art and backgrounds

The Bad

  • Character personalities can be bland and empty
  • Missed opportunity with world building on magic and witches

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