Feedback Survey Results, Yatta-Tachi’s 2023 Goals, New Patreon Tier, Additional Perks, & Fundraising Goal

Hello, friends! 💖

Happy New Year to y’all! Hope the year has been kind to you so far and continues to do so!

We have a lot to talk about and catch up on! Even though stuff has slowed down a bit, we’ve been cooking up some good stuff for y’all.

Yatta-Tachi’s Feedback Survey Results

First off, thank you to everyone for filling out our survey! We truly value y’all’s input and it has helped us get a better idea of the new direction we plan to go this year.

We also put out a survey for our lovely folks on Patreon, here’s a quick rundown what they said:

  • to keep doing what we’ve been doing
  • a small majority would love a Patron-only lounge on Discord
  • majority would love patron-only events

These are all completely doable and we cannot thank these amazing folks enough for their continued support!

Our general reader’s survey dove a bit deeper into what folks visit us for. The majority of folks rely on Twitter (*nervous laugh*), Discord, and our newsletters to get notified when articles come out. Reminder that this survey came out before we joined Mastodon.

Folks would love for us to do more resources, (manga, anime, LN) reviews, news, and editorials.

A large majority visit Yatta-Tachi for the monthly releases list, where to watch seasonal anime, and Anime/Japanese films coming to US theaters.

Most folks are big manga collectors, want us to do livestreams, bring back Yatta-Tachi’s podcast, do a yearly fundraiser, host convention panels, and want us to sell merchandise.

A few select bits from the Survey responses I wanted to touch on:


To the person who suggested Vtubing, trust me. I’ve been trying to warm the staff up to the idea, but also that’s a lot of money to put down. It’s pie in the sky, but we ARE interested.

Plus-sizes For Clothing Merch

Hells to the yes. As a plus-size person myself, there is no way I wouldn’t include them!

Canada Movie Listings

I would love to bring that back. I will admit it’s a bit harder for me to hunt down the information. If I can get the info, I have no problem publishing one for Canada too!

Patreon Perk Additions (Early access, Patreon exclusive discussions, behind the scenes, exclusive podcast)

These are all great and I think once we start rolling out with more content, it will be easier to do these. Right now, I feel like there isn’t much to report on… oh wait, I take that back.

There IS something I’m announcing exclusively on Patreon first way before everyone else sees it. It’s something I have been working on over the holiday that I think will help Yatta-Tachi move forward into the new year.

If you’re a Yattan Level 2 and up Patron (pledging $3 or more), expect to hear about it this coming Friday!

Obligatory “Join our Patreon” call-to-action!

Yatta-Tachi’s Goals

All of the feedback and suggestions were fantastic, insightful, and honestly aligned with what we were wanting to move towards. We will not be doing them all at once, but we will be making strives towards them.

Our goal this year and onward is to have fun, do what we love, stress less on numbers, and grow our little community.

Over the next couple of months, we will be publishing manga reviews, more resources, convention coverages, and more visual novel related articles starting in the summer.

Exciting Patreon Updates

New Patreon $25 tier & additional perks to other Yattan Levels!

We recently added a new $25 tier so there isn’t such a huge jump from $10 to $69 (nice~). This new tier adds a “Behind-the-scenes” perk, which our Nice tier will get as well! Folks on these tiers would be able to know what we are working on and other related updates.

Additional Perks:

  • Level 2 and up Yattans (Pledging $3 or more) now get sneak peak/first look on upcoming content, events, and more! Y’all get to see stuff we are rolling out before anyone else!
  • Level 4 and up Yattans (Pledging $10 or more) now get a fancy Discord role (SUPER Patreon Yattan) and icon.

As we roll out with more perks over the next few months, stuff will get shuffled around, but before we do, we will let our patrons know way in advance!

New Patreon Goal

Since November 2022, we’ve been wanting to hit the $300 mark on Patreon. We are hoping to make it this year! The additional money would help us fund more articles and move away from just breaking even. If you would love to help us get there, pledging starts at $1 and all patrons get listed on our special thank-you page! As mentioned above, we added more tier perks.

Check out what we have to offer and if you feel inclined, become a Patreon Yattan!

All the main characters from Shirobako sharing a box of donuts to help cheer each other up!

Thank you, everyone, and here’s to the new year! Cheers!

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