Doraemon Season 2 is Coming to Disney XD! But…

A.K.A. how not to advertise a beloved Japanese series in America


Here is something that I did not know: Disney licensed and adapted the popular Japanese kids anime, Doraemon! While I am all for bringing one of my favorite series to a wider audience, I have an issue with how Disney XD decided to advertise Doraemon Season 2.

For those who are new to the Doraemon universe: Doraemon, the titular blue cat-like robot, came from the future with a time machine. He was sent by Sewashi, the great-great grandson of Nobita Nobi, to help Nobita’s daily life. Carrying a four-dimensional pocket full of helpful gadgets, Doraemon tries to help Nobita in any way he can. However, hilarity often ensues when Nobita or, fairly regularly, his friends misuse the gadgets. Aside from somewhat simple stories intended for a younger audience, there are also moral values to be learned.

Though there is a great deal comedy, there are moments of heroism, sincerity, empathy, and hard work in the series, giving it complexity and making it enjoyable even for older viewers.

Doraemon was created by the duo Fujiko Fujio who had penned some popular works such as Ninja Hattori-kun (we wrote a news snippet about the series gaining popularity in India not long ago) and many lesser known manga in Japan.

Now that the introduction is done, let’s have a look at how Disney XD advertised the upcoming second season.

ACTION! ACTION! ACTION! Are they pulling a Michael Bay? Are they just glossing over the complex, comedic, and expressive series by emphasizing only on the action?

I am saddened by the marketing decision. Hopefully they change their decision in future trailers or promotions and market the series in a way that is closer to the actual image of Doraemon.

Source: RocketNews24

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