Crunchyroll & Loot Anime Do the Fusion Dance

Fuuuuuusion. HAAAAAA!

Dragon Ball Z Fusion Dance (Loot Anime)

Two great companies: the anime streaming service, Crunchyroll, and the anime subscription box, Loot Anime, are teaming up to create the ultimate Loot Anime box.

Loot Anime & Crunchyroll Logo

For their seventh “episode”, the Loot Anime crate theme for May is appropriately called Unity, and features exclusive items from Dragon Ball Z, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, The Boy and the Beast and more. It also will include an exclusive Funko POP! figure and is listed as being $60+ in value.

Loot Anime & Crunchyroll CrateIn addition to the fine assortment of collectibles, Loot Anime is also offering a discount on their subscription price if you have a Crunchyroll Premium or Premium+ membership. Upon signing up (or logging in, if you already have an account), you simply need to verify your account with your Crunchyroll credentials, and can save anywhere from $5 on a monthly basis to $40 a year just for being a Crunchyroll member!

And FINALLY, on top of all the other goodness we’ve mentioned above, every month one lucky subscriber wins the “Kaiju Crate”, featuring “exclusive collectible gear, tech gadgets, game systems, apparel and accessories, and other items so big and epic they can’t fit in [their] monthly crates”, valued at over $1,500 USD! To see what all the Kaiju Crate entails, simply head over to the Loot Anime page and check it out!

Loot Anime Unity Crate Example

Don’t miss out on this fantastic unity of two great companies, be sure to head over to the Loot Anime page and subscribe to this great deal!

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