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When an angel crash lands in Tomoe's backyard, his life gets a hell of a lot more complicated.

Game information: Bokuten – Why I Became an Angel available in both All-Ages and 18+ versions. This review is based on the 18+ version. Please note that all characters that engage in sexual content are 18 years of age or older.

Game Content Warning: This game contains the following possible triggers: rape, strong language, abuse, suicide, violence, incest, and death. Player discretion is advised.

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Bokuten-Why I Became an Angel’s Story

Nestled between the sea and the mountains is a tiny town where–legend has it–angels were born. These winged messengers have been charged with protecting humanity’s happiness by spreading love near and far. And Tomoe doesn’t believe a damn bit of it.

Despite living most of his life in the small town, Tomoe puts zero emphasis on love and happiness. Instead, he chooses to live a life devoid of everything. But when an angel crash-lands in his backyard, he’s not going to get much of a choice.

Aine creates a glowing red arrow from someone's heart shard.

Aine is a devoted angel who believes in the power of love more than anything else. When her magical guitar is broken, she’s distraught. Having been strung with the Red Threads of Fate, there isn’t an easy or quick fix to her plethora of problems, and without her guitar, she can’t help people. She’s left with a single unbroken thread, though, and while there’s no way to play guitar that way, Aine’s able to affix it to Tomoe’s bow. With some gentle nudging and a few hard pushes, Tomoe agrees to help Aine with her angelry until she can fix her instrument.

A young boy who hates love; an angel devoted to bringing couples together: what will happen when these polar opposites meet?

Bokuten-Why I Became an Angel’s Characters

Tomoe aims an arrow and is about to shoot.

Tomoe Kirinokojima

Tomoe is the MC of the story. He became orphaned years prior to the start of the game and has lived alone ever since. He is not passionate about anything except doing the bare minimum to stay alive, though he does enjoy practicing archery.

Nakizaki comes to wake Tomoe up by climbing through is bedroom window.

Naruko Nakizaki

Fun-loving, advice-giving Naruko is very popular around school. Tomoe is her neighbor and childhood best friend, and they frequently get mistaken as a couple because they’re always together. If not for Naruko bringing Tomoe meals every day, he’d be surviving off of instant ramen for the rest of his life.

Yuri sits against a tree while her little sister, Momo, lays in her lap.

Yuri Hisaka

Yuri is a quiet girl who mostly keeps to herself. She’s a grade above Tomoe and Naruko, reserved, and very money conscious. She has a younger sister that she’s very devoted to, and she usually has a piece of candy in her pocket.

Minamo with a surprised look after opening a door.

Minamo Wakamatsu

Minamo is a grade below Naruko and Tomoe, though she’s fairly mature despite that. She hates to stand out and tries to avoid the spotlight at all cost. Once she sets her mind to something, it’s quite hard to get her off it.

Aine passed out on the grass after falling from the sky.


Full of love, hope, and energy, Aine rounds out the group. She’s always looking to help people and is always up for grabbing some food. Distressed after her guitar strings break, she somehow convinces Tomoe to act as her proxy to spread love and happiness to the people around them.

Bokuten – Why I Became an Angel’s Gameplay

Bokuten is your typical VN and doesn’t shake up the formula. Players control Tomoe and make choices which lead to one of seven different endings, though there are times where the PoV changes to other characters to progress the story. The game offers CGs, BGMs, and H-Scenes to unlock, and it took me around 30 hours to 100% complete the game.

Bokuten's scene select UI

Minamo, Naruko, and Yuri’s routes are all available at the start of the game and can be played in any order, and each of their routes offers two separate endings. Aine’s route is the only one that’s locked. Players must complete Minamo, Naruko, and Yuri’s routes in order to unlock Aine’s, which only has one ending. Even though they can be played in any order, my recommendation is: Yuri > Minamo > Naruko > Aine.

Bokuten – Why I Became an Angel’s Walkthroughs

These guides are as spoiler-free as possible, and following them will lead to 100% completion of the game. They’re also listed in my recommended playthrough order.

Curious what I thought? Check out my review for Bokuten – Why I Became an Angel (contains spoilers)!

Bokuten – Why I Became an Angel is available now on MangaGamer and Steam!

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