Best Anime Tattoo Artists & Where To Find Them Pt. 3

Still looking for an anime tattoo artist in your area? Check out these artists!

Due to popular demand, we are bringing you part three of the Best Anime Tattoo Artists & where you can find them around the world!

Here is a round-up of a few extremely talented anime tattoo artists from around the world that would love for you to be their next client! (Click on the images to go to their Instagram and see more of their work!)


Michelle Grey (Edmonton, Alberta)

A photo posted by on

A photo posted by on


Marcus Ottner (London)

Abbie Williams (Peterborough)

Georgina Liliane (Southhampton)


Thomas Carli Jarlier (Clermont-Ferrand)


Renko Dees (St Ghislain, Belgium)

A photo posted by Renko Dees (@renkoedge) on

A photo posted by Renko Dees (@renkoedge) on


Chris Hill (Belfast)

A photo posted by Chris Hill (@armslikewings) on

A photo posted by Chris Hill (@armslikewings) on


Laura Aguilar (Mexico City)

New Zealand:

Steve Butcher (Auckland)


Anton YellowDog (Moscow)

A photo posted by Anton YellowDog (@ydtattoo) on

A photo posted by Anton YellowDog (@ydtattoo) on

United States:

Russell Van Schlack (Orlando, Florida)

Gina Fote (Spring Hill, Florida)

A photo posted by Gina Fote (@ginafote) on

A photo posted by Gina Fote (@ginafote) on

Dee Soto (Northhampton, MA)

Victoria Kurtz (New Albany, Indiana)

Know of some anime tattoo artists that you think should be featured in our next roundup? Feel free to let us know in the comments below! Love what you see? Why not check out the previous anime tattoo artist roundups?

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