Atlus USA Streams Remixes for Upcoming Persona 4: Dancing All Night

Get ready to groove!

Anime News Network reports that Atlus USA has started streaming lyric videos for two remixes that will be featured in the upcoming Persona 4: Dancing All Night game for the PS Vita. The songs streaming are remixes of songs found in the original Persona 4 and the spin-off fighting game Persona 4: Arena

This first song is a remix of a song played in the Dojima residence, the home of the main character (and the super cute Nanako!).

This second song is a remix of the ending theme for the story mode in Persona 4: Arena.

Persona 4: Dancing All Night is a rhythm-based game set in the world of Persona 4. The game is set 6 months after the end of the events featured in the original Persona 4. Dancing All Night features the main cast defeating enemies using slick dance moves set to funky mixes of songs featured in previous Persona 4 games.

The game was set to be released last fall but was delayed until earlier this summer, being released on June 25th in Japan. Atlus will release the game in the US on September 29th. The launch version will include a Vita skin as well as wallpapers. A special “Disco Fever” edition will also be released that adds soundtrack CDs, a Vita pouch, a Teddie keychain (sure to be cute!), a special collectible box, and bonus DLCs, including a song and outfits.

If you are a fan of Persona 4  be sure to check out Dancing All Night when it releases later this year! I know I for one will be picking it up and looking forward to getting my boogie on!

Source: Anime News Network

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