And Yet, You Are So Sweet Vol. 2 Review (Spoiler‑Free)

"I'm terrified that I'm going to end up the same useless mess I was the last time I liked someone."

A solid follow-up to volume 1, volume 2 of And Yet, You Are So Sweet expands on all the good things a hopeless romantic like me wants to see.

Maaya’s pretend one-sided feelings for Chigira have been working overtime. She’s stopped thinking about the guy who broke her heart, but now new feelings are budding for Chigira—and these aren’t fake! She tries to call off their game to keep herself from getting in too deep and ruining the friendship they have, but yet again Chigira surprises her and proposes a new game she can’t say no to.

The Good

Do you like cutesie moments? Do you like all those doki doki budding romance situations? Do you like blushing from the sheer adorableness of characters in love? And Yet, You Are So Sweet volume 2 has it all, and I love it.

Maaya is still pretending to have one-sided feelings for Chigira, but she can’t fool herself much longer. She’s not wanting to get her heart broken again, so she tries to call off their game, but Chigira isn’t having it. Queue some adorable interactions between the two, and you’ve got yourself a sweet little romance.

The Bad

So far, my biggest complaint about And Yet, You Are So Sweet is Maaya’s obliviousness and her self-deprecating attitude. Both of these things are so common in romance stories, and having a bit of either is fine, but it can make for a boring read. Everything seems to take a little too long to progress, things get a little too drawn out, and it starts to feel like every other romance manga out there. Sure, you can get some cute moments in those cliché plot points, but I’d like to see something a little more original.

The Verdict

And Yet, You Are So Sweet isn’t breaking any molds, but it’s still a cute read. While Maaya is just okay as an MC, Chigira is too adorable of a love interest to pass up on. For romance fans, it’s definitely a solid volume. Just don’t expect it to deviate from the typical genre plots.


Story and Art by Kujira Anan

Published by Kodansha Comics

Translated by Joshua Hardy

Lettered by Elena Pizarro

A special thank you to Kodansha Comics for allowing us the opportunity to review this title. Receiving a review copy of this title has in no way altered the opinions expressed in this article.

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